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Karl Lijun Qin

Faculty Industry Advisory Board Member

Faculty Board Member - Karl QinKarl Lijun Qin is a Chinese born New Zealand citizen who has lived and worked in New Zealand and Australia for over eleven years.  In this time Karl has developed extensive public and private business leadership experience developing greenfield operations and leading successful large scale companies which, when added to his continuing commercial interests in China, gives Karl a unique set of experiences and skills in the Chinese, Australian and New Zealand business sectors.

Karl graduated with a Masters Degree in Engineering and worked as an engineer within Chinese government owned companies, predominantly in the oil exploration sector.  At around the time of China’s much heralded “Open Door” policy introduced by Deng Xiaoping, Karl was promoted to General Manager to build the largest Polyethylene pipe factory in China.  His promotion to General Manager was an unusual vote of confidence by the authorities (who traditionally have favoured senior experienced managers) for a young engineer still only in his mid twenties.   The polyethylene pipe project was sponsored by the Austrian Government by way of a government to government loan. As head of the successful polyethylene pipe company, Karl became exposed to western culture and increasingly began to provide leadership and advice to other Chinese government enterprises.

In 1998 Karl was transferred as a Chinese government expatriate to Wellington in New Zealand to explore and develop commercial cooperative opportunities between China and New Zealand.  Karl set up and developed many businesses in close cooperation with leading New Zealand businesses.  At the same time while he was in New Zealand Karl successfully completed his MBA Degree at Massey University.

Karl was appointed CEO of Haier Australia Pty Limited in 2004 at which time he moved to live in Sydney and began to build the Oceania headquarters for China’s largest electronic appliance manufacture.  Haier Appliances is the fourth largest home appliance manufacture globally and is recognised as one of China’s most successful international manufacturers.  Haier is now a Top Fortune 500 company.  Haier performed very strongly in Australasia under Karl’s leadership and is today a well known whiteware brand in homes throughout the region.  A significant early highlight for Karl was the introduction of Haier into the Harvey Norman chain of retail outlets, Australasia’s premium appliance retailer.

Leaving the now thriving Haier Group in 2007, Karl established his own entrepreneurial operations utilising his unique understanding of both the Australasian and Chinese economies.  Karl founded TDES, (Technology Development and Equipment Supply Limited) in New Zealand.  TDES developed a unique product and became a finalist in the 2007 International Petroleum Technology Development Award.  TDES has since become the preferred supplier to Halliburton, the global oil and gas service company based in the United States of America.  TDES has business operations in both China (where among other operations it has developed a manufacturing centre) and more recently in Australia.

Today, recognising his unique understanding of Eastern and Western business cultures, Karl specialises in global business strategy advice, specifically the development of greater competitiveness from global restructuring of companies into truly international businesses.  Karl is a well respected business leader in the Australian Chinese Business Community.  In addition to his commercial endeavours, Karl remains active in the academic community where he is completing his PHD in the Macquarie Graduate School of Management in Sydney.