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Macquarie University was the first university in the world to have its actuarial courses recognised as being of equivalent standard to the corresponding subjects of the (U.K.) Institute of Actuaries. We have stayed at the forefront of mathematical, statistical, economic and financial analysis to continue to deliver solutions to a wide range of risk management and business problems across industries such as:
  • Finance
  • Superannuation
  • Insurance
  • Investment Management
For more information download the printable Risk PDF.

finance dropdown more icon Finance

Macquarie University is unique in that we approach the ‘science’ of Finance from the perspective of Accounting, Economics, Actuarial and Management to apply multiple perspectives to complex and unique market or corporate issues. Furthermore, we go one step further through our Applied Finance Centre, which attracts leading finance professionals to share their expertise and thought leadership, and provide a finance-specific hub for exploration and sharing of ideas.

For more information download the printable Finance PDF or contact Associate Professor Stefan Trueck.

Macquarie’s Department of Marketing and Management is one of the only of its kind which takes an integrated, cross-disciplinary approach to tackling large change issues and corporate sustainability. By incorporating Marketing, International Business, Business Administration, Strategic Management and Organisational Behaviour disciplines into the one functional unit, our experts can examine and advise from a holistic perspective on the issues and challenges facing an organisation or market.

For more information download the printable Business Excellence PDF or contact Professor Bob Miller or Doctor Chris Baumann.

Few tertiary institutions can match the depth and breadth of knowledge and capability Macquarie University has on Asian business, social, and cultural aspects, not only in large countries such as China, Korea and Japan, but in emerging economies such as Vietnam, Philippines and even Burma.

For more information download the printable Asia PDF or contact Doctor Fei Guo, or Associate Professor Sean Turnell.

Through the concentration of leading edge practitioners and researchers in the areas of Employment relations, leadership and human resources, Macquarie University has developed a highly regarded group who can provide valuable insight and direction in these areas.

For more information download the printable culture and people PDF or contact Professor Lucy Taksa.