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How can you be involved?

Chair of Financial Literacy

Be involved with Macquarie University by sponsoring the Financial Literacy program.


Open your door to a future employee. Internships give employers access to top-tier students for possible recruitment while students receive first-hand experience in a field related to their studies. Both are offered in a range of specialist areas throughout the year.


Support Academic excellence. Organisations can directly support deserving students through named scholarships. Your generosity can help towards books, fees and living expenses.

Awards and prizes

Recognise quality. Associate your organisation with high-achievers by promoting and recognising excellence. Organisations and individuals can nominate an award for outstanding students, academics and alumni, which culminate in awards nights and a feeling of goodwill and generosity towards your organisation. Typically awards and prizes include certificates, plaques, vouchers, books and money.


Collaboration to benefit many. Sponsorship can provide funds for scholarships and bursaries, domestic and international conferences, events and workshops, course development and equipment which advance research strengths.

Research Partnerships

Cost effective alternative. Research partnerships give you access to high quality, unbiased research from nationally and internationally respected academics, whilst providing researchers valuable opportunities to further their knowledge. Research Partnerships are a very cost effective alternative to privately conducted research, especially with access to government funding through the Australian Research Council.

Thought leadership

Insights and Trends. Put your organisation at the forefront of thinking through connection and interaction with leading academics who can provide insights and advances through deep and thorough analysis of data and trends in your area of operation.


Working within your organisation. Benefit from concentrated involvement of academics or senior researchers working within your organisation to develop innovative strategies to overcome the challenges of today and tomorrow, or help to improve the knowledge base and conceptual thinking.


Expert opinion and assistance. Achieve targeted outcomes for your business through consulting with people who possess a unique and deep understanding of business issues, and can deliver a practical solution which meets your specific needs.

Endowments, gifts and bequests

Giving for the future. Choosing to give back to the community and to the university benefits many and a recognition program will be developed in close consultation with you. We are currently seeking gifts, named academic chairs, fellowships or scholarships, buildings or facilities.