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Geoff Kingston

Photo of Geoff Kingston
  • Title: Professor
  • Position: Professor - Department of Economics
  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Australian National University; Doctor of Philosophy, Australian National University

Contact Details

Areas of Expertise

  • macroeconomics
  • personal finance
  • international finance


Geoff Kingston obtained his Bachelor and PhD degrees from the Australian National University. Before moving to Macquarie University in 2009, he lectured at the University of Western Ontario, the University of Queensland, the University of Sydney and the University of New South Wales. He has published in the Quarterly Journal of Economics, Economic Journal, Journal of International Economics, International Economic Review, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, Journal of Monetary Economics, Journal of Public Economics and Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control. His co-authored book on superannuation was published in 2001 by Cambridge University Press.


  • Doctor of Philosophy: Economics (Australian National University)
  • Bachelor of Arts: Economics, mathematics, political science (Australian National University)

Research areas

Prof Kingston's research is on superannuation and retirement income policy, interest and exchange rates, and tax policy.

Down the retirement risk zone with gun and camera (with Lance Fisher) - October 2013

Restoring a level playing field for defined benefits superannuation (with Hazel Bateman) - June 2013

Agency Theory and Financial Planning Practice (with Haijie Weng) - June 2013 revision

Dynamic asset allocation when bequests are luxury goods (with Jack Die Ding and  Sachi Purcal) - May 2013 revision


journal toggle icon open Refereed Journal Articles

(Since 2000)

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  • The Future of Financial Advice and MySuper (with H Bateman), JASSA: The Finsia Journal of Applied Finance, 2012, pp49-53.
  • Dracula in Charge of the Blood Bank, Economic and Labour Relations Review, 2011, pp.29-44.
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  • Privatisation, Deregulation and Microeconomic Reform(with C White), Economics, 2001 (September issue), pp32-38.
  • Appendix to Efficient Timing of Retirement: An Approximate Solution to the Pre-Retirement Problem, posted on the website of the Review of Economic Dynamics, at, April 2001; 7 pp.
  • The CPI, All Ords and Other Indexes, Economics, 2000 (September issue), pp15-25.
  • Efficient Timing of Retirement, Review of Economic Dynamics, 2000, pp831-840.

books toggle icon open Books

Forced Saving: Mandating Private Retirement Incomes (with H. Bateman and J. Piggott), Cambridge University Press, Cambridge UK, 2001

chapters toggle icon open Book Chapters

  • Financial Engineering for Australian Annuitants (with H Bateman and S Thorp), in H Bateman (ed.), Retirement and Scary Markets, Edward Elgar, 2007, pp124-148.
  • The Equity Implications of Mandated Funded Pension Schemes (with H Bateman and J Piggott), in J Creedy (ed.), Taxation, Poverty and Income Distribution, Edward Elgar, 1994, pp163-174.
  • Equity, Efficiency and the Superannuation Guarantee (with H Bateman and J Piggott), in D Knox (ed.), Superannuation: Contemporary Issues, Longmans, 1994, pp40-53.
  • Customised Investment Strategies for Accumulations Superannuation (with H Bateman and J Piggott), in K Davis and I Harper (eds), Superannuation and the Australian Financial System, Allen and Unwin, 1992, pp139-156.
  • Demographics, Retirement Saving, and Superannuation Policy: An Australian Perspective (with H Bateman, J Frisch and J Piggott), in P Stemp (ed.), Saving and Policy, CEPR, A.N.U., 1991, pp193-227.
  • Stabilising Australia's External Debt: Twin Deficits versus Tight Money, in C Kearney and R MacDonald (eds.), Developments in Australian Monetary Economics, Longman-Cheshire, 1991, pp207-226.
  • Optimal Foreign Debt: Alternative Perspectives, in Background Papers on External Debt: Studies Prepared for the Office of EPAC, AGPS, 1990, pp25- 45.

monographs toggle icon open Monographs

Superannuation and Retirement Incomes(with H. Bateman, R Block, P. Brennan, A. Connelly, G. Lehman, J. Maroney, J. Newman, J. Piggott, D. Solomon, A. Smith, D. Thompson, and G. White), Committee for the Economic Development of Australia, 1992.

reports toggle icon open Consultancy Reports

  • 2007 - presentation on the budget and the economic outlook at a function sponsored by Benchmark Debtor Finance, Sydney   
  • 2005 - report on the economic implications of population ageing to CPA Australia (with G Barrett and H Bateman)   
  • 2004 - expert evidence on prospective asset returns to the Special Commission of Inquiry into the Medical Research and Compensation Foundation
  • 2002 - expert evidence on house prices to Watkins Tapsell solicitors
  • 2001 - six lectures on the Australian economy on behalf of the Alumni Travel Corporation
  • 2002 - expert evidence on regional unemployment to White Barnes solicitors

Professional Membership

  • Member of: Economic Society of Australia, Sydney Australia

phd supervision toggle icon open PhD Student Supervision

  • Associate Supervisor of Anh Tuan Bui - PhD-Economics Research - Full Time
  • Principal Supervisor of Jie Ding - PhD-Economics Research - Full Time
  • Principal Supervisor of Rudi Kurniawan - PhD-Economics Research - Full Time
  • Principal Supervisor of Ning Rong - PhD-Economics Research - Full Time
  • Associate Supervisor of Haijie (Jacky) Weng - PhD-Applied Finance and Actuarial Studies Research - Part Time