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Natalia Ponomareva

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  • Title: Doctor
  • Position: Senior Lecturer - Department of Economics
  • Qualifications: Master of Science (Honours), Moscow State University; Master of Arts (Economics), New Economic School, Moscow; Doctor of Philosophy, Australian National University

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  • Doctor of Philosophy: Economics (Australian National University)
  • Master of Arts: Economics (New Economic School)
  • Master of Science (Honors): Mathematics (Moscow State University)


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  • Katja Ignatieva and Natalia Ponomareva  "Commodity Currencies and Commodity Prices: Modelling Static and Time-Varying Dependence",   forthcoming in Applied Economics.
  • Natalia Ponomareva and Jeffrey Sheen. (2013) "Australian Labour Market Dynamics Across the Ages", Economic Modelling 35 (2013), pp. 453-463.
  • Hajime Katayama, Natalia Ponomareva and Malvin Sharma. (2011). "Central Bank Independence, Political Regimes, and the Sacrifice Ratio: A Replication Study of Caporale and Caporale (2008)", Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, vol. 43(5), pp. 1035-1042.
  • Ponomareva, Natalia and Sheen, Jeffrey. (2010) "Cyclical Flows in Australian Labour Markets," The Economic Record, vol. 86, pp. 35-48. 
  • Ponomareva, Natalia and Katayama, Hajime. (2010) "Does the version of the Penn World Tables matter? An analysis of the relationship between growth and volatility," Canadian Journal of Economics, vol. 43, pp. 152-179.
  • Ksenia Yudaeva, Kozlov Konstantin, Natalia Melentieva and Natalia Ponomareva. (2003) "Does the Foreign Ownership Matter? The Russian Experience", Economics of Transition, vol. 11, pp. 383-409.