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Herbert P. Schoch

Photo of Herb Schoch
  • Title: Doctor
  • Position: Casual Academic - Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance
  • Qualifications: BCom Melbourne, MBA McMaster, PhD American University, Washington DC, FCPA

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Research areas

Principal areas of research interest include: entrepreneurship, management control systems, strategic management accounting, balanced scorecard applications, trust and management control, students’ learning styles.

conference toggle icon open Conferences and Presentations

  • Schoch, H. P., H. Y. Teoh, and M. Kropman, “Technology application in a post-graduate accounting course: the ideal vs the practical: the case of adopting an electronic textbook”. 28th Annual Congress of European Accounting Association, Gothenburg, Sweden May 2005.
  • Dyball, M. C., A. Reid, P. Ross and H. P. Schoch, “Evaluating assessed group-work in a second year management accounting subject”, 6th Annual Conference, Asian Academic Accounting Association, Kula Lumpur, November 2005
  • Narayanan, V., G.L. Harrison and H. P. Schoch, “ Management Control Patterns in an Outsourcing Context: A Case Based Approach using the Van der Mer-Koistra and Vosselman (2000) Model of Interfirm Transactional Relationships”, Fourth Asia Pacific Interdisciplinary Research in Accounting Conference, Singapore, July, 2004.
  • Perera, S. and H. P. Schoch, “The Balanced Scorecard in Local Governments: Evidence from the Sydney Metropolitan Area In Australia”, 5th Annual Asian Academic Accounting Association Conference, Bangkok, October 2004.
  • Patel, C. & Schoch, H.P., The paradox of the Chinese learners: some evidence of accounting students from Australia. Emerging Issues in International Accounting Conference. Niagara Falls, July 2003.
  • Patel, C. and Schoch, H.P., ‘The paradox of the Chinese Learners: Some evidence from Accounting students in Australia’, 4th Annual Conference, Asian Academic Accounting Association, Seoul, Korea, October 2003.
  • Chung, L. H., Gibbons, P.& Schoch H. Performance metrics, parenting style and control: a study of MNC subsidiaries in four countries. Proceedings of the Workshop on Performance Measurement and Management Control, Nice, France, October 2001.
  • Schoch, H. P. & Perera, S. Some reflections on the use of strategic management accounting in organisations: evidence from Australia. Proceedings of the Thirteenth Asian-Pacific Conference on International Accounting Issues, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. October 2001.

phd supervision toggle icon open PhD Student Supervision

  • Associate Supervisor of Xia Su  - PhD-Accounting Research - Part Time


Publications 2000-2010

  • Baird, K., Schoch, H. and Zhan, C. "The prevalence and success of outsourcing in Australian Public sector organisations", International Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Performance Evaluation, forthcoming 2010
  • Chung, L. H., Gibbons, P. and  H. P. Schoch, (2008) “The management of information and managers of subsidiaries of multinational corporations”, in Multinational Enterprise Theory, Jeffrey Krug and John Daniels (editors), Sage Publications, Los Angeles.
  • Perera, S., H. Schoch and S. Sabaratnam (2007), Adoption of the Balanced Scorecard in Local Government Organisations: An Exploratory Study, Asia-Pacific Management Accounting Journal, (forthcoming).
  • Dyball, M. C., Reid, A., Ross, P.and Schoch, H.P.(2007) Evaluating assessed group-work in a second-year management accounting subject, Accounting Education: an International Journal, Vol, 16, Issue 2, pp.145-162.
  • Chung, L. H., Gibbons, P. and Schoch, H.P. (2006). The management of information and managers of subsidiaries of multinational corporations, British Journal of Management, Vol.17, 153-165.
  • Schoch, H., Teoh, H.Y. and Kropman, M. (2006). Adopting an electronic textbook for a postgraduate accounting course: an experiental study, Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, Volume 22, Number 2, 189-208.
  • Schoch H. P. and H.Y. Teoh, (2005) “ Cost - Pricing Relationship and Marketing - Accounting Interface”, in The Blackwell Encyclopedic Dictionary of Accounting, A. Rashad Abdel-khalik, Editor ( Blackwell Publishing, U.K.), second edition (reprint from first edition), pp.141-144.
  • Begley, T. M., Wee-Liang Tan and Schoch,H.P. (2005) Politico-Economic Factors Associated with Interest in Starting a Business: A Multi- Country Study, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Vol.29, Issue 1, pp.35-55.
  • Gerrard, P., H.P. Schoch and J. B. Cunningham (2003), “Values and Skills of Female Entrepreneurs in Vietnam: An Exploratory Study”, Asia Pacific Business Review, Vol.10, No.2, Winter 2003, pp.139-159.
  • Chung, L.H., Gibbons, P. & Schoch, H.P. (2002). Performance metrics, parenting style and control: a study of MNC subsidiaries in four countries. In Epstein, M. & Manzoni, J.F. (eds). Performance measurement and management control: a compendium of research (pp. 109-128). Oxford, Elsevier Science Ltd.
  • Cunningham, J.B., Gerrard, P. Schoch, H.P & Chung, L.H. (2002). An entrepreneurial logic for the new economy. Management Decisions. Vol 8, No. 8, pp. 734-744.
  • Tang, H. K., Schoch, H.P. & Hew M. (2000). Productivity through quality management. In Fenner W. G. (ed) Quality and Productivity for the twenty first century (pp.380-391). Strathfield, NSW: Consensus Books.
  • Chung, L, Gibbons, P. & Schoch, H.P. (2000). The influence of subsidiary context and head office strategic management style on control of MNCs: the experience in Australia, Accounting Auditing and Accountability Journal, Vol.13, No. 5, 647-666.

Work in Progress

  • Narayanan, V., Harrison, G.L. and Schoch, H.P., ‘Management control patterns in an outsourcing context: a case based approach using the Van Der Meer-Koistra and Vosselman (2000) model of interfirm transactional relationships’
  • Dyball, M. C., Reid, A., Ross, P. and Schoch, H. Accounting students’ perceptions of group work: the potential for a deep approach to learning (submitted to Journal of Higher Education Research and Development)

Membership of Journal Editorial Boards

  • Journal of Enterprising Culture

Refereeing articles for journals in 2000-2008

  • Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal
  • Journal of Enterprising Culture
  • Pacific Accounting Review
  • International Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Performance Evaluation

Presentations at Seminars

  • Narayanan, V., Schoch, H.P. &Harrison G. L., ‘Management control patterns in an outsourcing context: a case based approach. Charles Sturt University (Wagga Wagga), School of Financial Studies, Seminar Series, 24 March 2004.
  • Narayanan, V., Schoch, H.P. &Harrison G. L., ‘Management control patterns in an outsourcing context: a case based approach. Macquarie University, Department of Accounting and Finance, Seminar Series, 17 October 2003.