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LayPeng Tan

Photo of Lay Peng Tan
  • Title: Doctor
  • Position: Senior Lecturer - Department of Marketing and Management
  • Qualifications: PhD(Marketing), University of New South Wales

Contact Details

Areas of Expertise

    • Green Marketing
    • Consumer Perceptions
    • Digital Marketing
    • Retail Assortment


LayPeng Tan holds a PhD from University of New South Wales. Prior to joining the academia, LayPeng held senior marketing and management positions in the consumer and industrial goods sectors. Her current research interests lie within the broad areas of consumer behaviour, digital marketing, retailing, and green marketing with a specific focus on the attitude-behaviour gap, and the roles of marketing in the face of the green challenge. Her publications have appeared in Journal of Business Ethics, Marketing Intelligence & Planning, Journal of Marketing Management, Australasian Marketing Journal, The International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research, and Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics etc.


  • PhD: Marketing (University of New South Wales)
  • MCom: Marketing (University of New South Wales)

Research grants

    • 2016: Office for Learning and Teaching [CATEGORY 1], 2016-2017 (A$40,000). “Aligning business education with industry expectations on employability and sustainability”, Co-Investigator.
    • 2013: Macquarie University New Staff Research Grant (A$19,805). “Closing the Gap between Consumer Green Rhetoric and Purchasing Behaviour: Perceptions of Environmentally-Responsible Products and Drivers to Increase Their Uptake", Chief Investigator.
    • 2013: Macquarie University Enterprise Partnership Scheme Pilot Research Grant. Macquarie University (A$43,568) and the Australian Self-Medication Industry (A$43,568). “Understanding the Australian Self-Medication Industry: A Footprint and Field Study”, Co-Investigator.
    • 2005: UNSW Faculty Research Grant A$20,000 (with Jack Cadeaux)
    • 2003-2007: UNSW Faculty Research Scholarship, Australian School of Business


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Published extracts (abstracts) of conference papers

  • Chedia Dhaoui, Cynthia M. Webster and LayPeng Tan (2017). Longitudinal Analysis of Online Consumer Disengagement Patterns in Times of Crisis. 39th Annual ISMS Marketing Science Conference. Los Angeles, California. (Presented by Cynthia Webster).
  • Chedia Dhaoui, Cynthia M. Webster and LayPeng Tan (2017). Brand interventions and emotional dynamics in online consumer-to-consumer conversations: An empirical investigation. American Marketing Association Winter Educators’ Conference. Orlando, Florida. (Presented by Chedia Dhaoui).
  • Chedia Dhaoui, Lay Peng Tan & Cynthia M. Webster (2016). Sentiment analysis for brand-related social media conversations. Australia New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference. University of Canterbury, Christchurch. (Presented by Chedia Dhaoui)
  • Jie Meng, LayPeng Tan, Roger Layton and Hume Winzar (2016).  Multi-level Patterns of Efficiency and Effectiveness of a Marketing System: Three Experiments through Agent-based Modelling. The 41th Annual Macro Marketing Conference, Dublin, Ireland. (Presented by Jie Meng)
  • Chedia Dhaoui, Cynthia M. Webster and LayPeng Tan (2016).  Emotional dynamics in the era of digital social media. The 6th Global Innovation and Knowledge Academy Conference (GIKA),  Valencia, Spain. (Presented by Cynthia Webster)
  • Denni Arli, LayPeng Tan,Fandy Tjiptono and Lin Yang (2015). Exploring Consumers’ Readiness to be Green in an Emerging Market. Australia New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference. University of New South Wales, Sydney. (Presented by Denni Arli)
  • Nam Nguyen, Scott Koslow and LayPeng Tan (2015).  Seek and we shall churn. The dynamics of satisfaction, knowledge, confidence in switching financial service. Marketing Science Conference, Baltimore 18-20 June. (Presented by Nam Nguyen)
  • Micael-Lee Jonstone and LayPeng Tan (2011). "Too Hard to be green: Theory of Neutralization", ANZMAC 2011 Conference, Perth, Western Australia

Affiliations / activities

  • Australia and New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC)
  • Australia Marketing Institute (AMI)

phd supervision toggle icon open PhD Student Supervision

  • Chedia Dhaoui. “Brand image in the era of digitally empowered consumers”. Commencement: 2014. Associate Supervisor.
  • Nam Nguyen–  " Seek and Ye Shall Switch? The Dynamics of Customer Satisfaction, Knowledge and Confidence in Online Search for Financial Services ". Completed 2016. Associate Supervisor.

honours supervision toggle icon open Honours Supervision

  • James Burman, Macquarie University. Project: "Effects of Doping Behaviour on Brand Image in Australian Sport". Completed in 2013. Sole supervisor.
  • Kevin Trinh, Macquarie University. Dissertation: "A Study on the Effects of System Quality and the Roles of Web Schema in User Satisfaction Online". Completed in 2012. Sole supervisor.
  • Stephanie Hooper, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Dissertation: "Personality Congruency and Customer-Based Brand Equity in the Context of Personal Computers". Completed in 2011, First Class Honours. Sole supervisor.

Master Supervision

  • Cong Hu (Stefanie). “Fast Fashion and Sustainability: An Investigation of Young Chinese Consumers”. Completed 2017. Sole Supervisor.
  • Wei Yao (Master of Research) –Dissertation: "Consumers' Wine Selection and the Influence of Confucianism". Completed in 2014. Associate Supervisor.
  • Lawrence Potter (PGCert) – Associate Supervisor. Dissertation: "Motivations of a Social Entrepreneur: Motivational factors that shape the decision on suitable Social Enterprise organisational structures" Completed in 2012.

Research & Service awards

  • 2005: Best Paper in the Marketing Research and Research Methodologies Track, ANZMAC Conference (with Ian Wilkinson).
  • 2005: Dean's Award for Service, Australian School of Business, UNSW

Teaching awards

  • 2017:  Vice Chancellor’s Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning, Macquarie University
  • 2017:  Dean’s Excellence Award for Student Experience, Faculty of Business & Economics, Macquarie University

Teaching Interests

  • E-Business Marketing
  • Marketing Management
  • Marketing Communications
  • Consumer Behaviour

Lecturing and Tutoring

  • E-Business Marketing
  • Marketing Management
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Marketing Communications
  • Marketing Research

Overview of Academic Employment

LayPeng has been teaching marketing courses ranging from first-year to postgraduate levels since 2006. Prior to joining Macquarie University, she was a Lecturer-in-Marketing at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

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