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Meena Chavan

Meena Chavan
  • Position: Senior Lecturer - Department of Marketing and Management
  • Qualifications: BCom, MCom, PhD

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Areas of Expertise

  • International Business - Strategy and Management
  • Emerging markets - India
  • Strategic Management
  • Cross Cultural Management
  • Diversity Management
  • Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management
  • Sustainability and the Environment
  • Operations & Quality Management
  • Experiential & Engaged education


Dr Chavan is a Senior Lecturer in Organisational and Management Studies in the Department of Marketing and Management within the Faculty of Business and Economics. She is the recipient of the Vice-Chancellor’s Citations for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning (2016).

Dr Chavan's research and teaching focuses on International Business Strategy, Cross Cultural Management and Entrepreneurship. She has published in academic journals such as International Journal of Intercultural Relations, International Journal of Quality and Reliability Management, The Journal of health and social care in the community, International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and the Journal of Teaching in International Business.

She has received the best paper award at the 48th ICSB conference in Belfast for her paper- Chavan, M. (2003). 'Diversity- Good for Business' and was awarded the Emerald Literati award for excellence for her paper – Chavan, M. (2006). An appraisal of environment management systems: A competitive advantage for small business in the face of global competition, Management of Environment Quality: An International Journal, Volume 16, Issue 5, 2005, and pg. 444-463 ISSN: 1477-7835.She is an exponent of the experiential method of teaching.

Research grants

  • 2015- New Colombo Grant $10000 Project: "International study tour to India
  • 2014- New Colombo Grant $5000 Project: "Internship opportunities at Tata Steel, India".
  • 2013- New Colombo Grant $10000 Project- SEEDS - Social enterprise- Tata steel
  • 2012- L&T grant $9300 Towards an optimum service model: International Vs Local student's perception of quality of education". Journal of Total Quality Management & Business Excellence.
  • 2011- MQRDG Grant: "Building Linkages for Internationalisation: Comparison of Manufacturing and Services Small - Medium Enterprises (SMEs) for Pathways to Internationalisation".
  • 2010 –Macquarie university ARC seedling grant in collaboration with Associate Prof Stephen Chen $9000-"Exploring the business case for a sustainable construction Industry through market, fiscal and education based solutions.
  • 2008- 2009-Macquarie University-Learning and Teaching Research group LEAD II $3000-"Experiential learning in International Business".
  • 2007-$80,000, 2007-2009, MURIF GRANT Co-Investigator - Macquarie Research Innovation Fund Grant, "Regulating Vertical Networks with Horizontal Laws," research team consisting of Dr Niloufer Selvadurai, Professor Peter Gillies (Business Law), Professor Graham Town (Engineering) and Dr. Meena Chavan (Business).
  • 2008- $20000 Globalisation of Knowledge and Service Industries research group, Macquarie University $20000. This research is focused on obtaining detailed micro data at the firm and subsidiary level on export sales and performance measures of service firms and on the off shoring and in sourcing of production in Australian organizations. The collaborators from Macquarie University are Assoc Prof. Stephen Chen, Assoc. Prof Cynthia Webster, Dr. David Gray and Dr.Meena Chavan)
  • 2006- $55000 Social Inclusion group Macquarie University collaboration $55000 - The impact of migration on the labour market. Collaborators: Dr Kathy Tannous, Economics, MQ , Fei Guo & Dr Meena Chavan)
  • 2002-UWS, Women in Business Grant $2500-Diana Project
  • 2003-CPA Small business grant $20000 –Women entrepreneurs in Sydney

Research awards

  • Abel, R. & Chavan, M (2016). "The balance of exploration and exploitation in inter- and intra-organizational relationships and its performance implications". Doctoral Colloquium Best Paper Award at EURAM 2016 Paris (France) - Issuer -European Academy of Management on the 31 May 2016.Stream - "Strategic Management"
  • Hartl & Chavan, M (2015). "How does the influence of culture shape conflict management and dispute resolution strategies in transnational business relationships? - A conceptual framework". International Human Resource Management Conference, Organiser; school of Labor and Employment Relations, The Pennsylvania State University, USA. Best Paper award.
  • 2008 Academy of Indian Management Scholars International Distinguished Service Award, Purdue University, USA.
  • Emerald Network Literati Award for research excellence 2006, "An appraisal of environment management systems: A competitive advantage for small business", Management of Environment Quality: An International Journal, Volume 16, Issue 5, 2005.
  • Best Paper Award 48th International Council of Small Business, Belfast, Chavan, M. (2003) "Diversity- Good for Business", 48th ICSB Conference 2003, Belfast 14-18 June 2003.
  • Kauffman Scholarship for attending the Experiential learning workshops at Syracuse University, New York.,2001
  • Teaching through case studies scholarship, Harvard University, 2005.
  • Australian Postgraduate Research Award recipient for PhD research
  • Bhuvans Australia, 2009 Community service award for career counseling migrants in education and employment for 10 years

Research areas


  • International entrepreneurs
  • Ethnic entrepreneurs
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Women entrepreneurs
  • Migrant business entrepreneurs
  • Technology entrepreneurs

International business

  • Liberalization
  • Foreign direct investments
  • Internationalisation strategy
  • Gap between sales and investments' in South East Asia and Western economies
  • Mergers and acquisitions in the telecommunication Industry
  • Born global firms
  • Cross cultural Issues
  • Experiential teaching in International Business.

Operations Management

  • Quality Management
  • Supply chain management
  • Balanced score card
  • Sustainability Building and Construction

Research Interests

Meena started her research career in International entrepreneurship. Her Ph.D. dissertation is an empirical resource-based study exploring international migrant entrepreneurs in Australia. This research has produced the first Australian model for Ethnic Migrant Business Creation -"The Productive Diversity Model", which is specific to Australia and measures the value of a multicultural migrant workforce to bolster "International Business" and export earnings through links to their country of origin. Meena has published in diverse areas in International business; liberalisation, foreign direct investments, gap between sales and investments' in South East Asia and Western economies, mergers and acquisitions in the telecommunication Industry, born global firms and experiential teaching in International Business. Her other publications have been in the area of business operations management; telecommunication, quality management, small business, women in business, balanced scorecard , resource management technologies, environment and sustainability and the Global Financial Crisis.


journal toggle icon open Refereed Journal Articles

  • Chavan,M. and Carter,L. (2017) "First year management student’s – expectations and perceptions" International Journal of Education Management “B”Journal.
  • Chavan, M and Taksa, L. (2016) “Shifts in Intergenerational Mobility of Indian Immigrant Entrepreneur”. Journal - International Migration · November 2016 DOI: 10.1111/imig.12303] "A" Journal
  • Chavan, M. & Agarwal, R. (2016) "The Efficacy of Linkages for Relational Capability Building and Internationalization-Indian and Australian Mining Firms" International Journal of Business and Economics, 2016, Vol. 15, No. 1, 51-78.
  • Alizadeh, S., Chavan, M. and Hamin, H. (2016) "Quality of care and patient satisfaction amongst Caucasian and non-Caucasian patients: A mixed-method study in Australia", International Journal of Quality and Reliability Management 2016 volume 3 issue 3
  • Alizadeh, S., Chavan, M. (2015) Cultural competence dimensions and outcomes: A systematic review of the literature". The journal of Health & Social Care in the Community.Sep 2015 * Health & Social Care in the Community
  • Chavan,C, Bowden,J., Lundmark,E. and Zwar,J.(2014) "Exploring the drivers of service quality perceptions in the tertiary education sector: Comparing domestic Australian and international Asian students" Journal of International Education in Business Volume 7 Issue 2."B" journal in the ABDC list of journals.
  • Lim,C.,Chavan,M.,Chan,C.(2014) "Culture"—The elephant in the room in structured behavioural selection interview, International Journal of Intercultural Relations 42 (2014) 1-24,Elsevier "A" Journal in the ABDC list.
  • Kandaiya,T.& Chavan,M. (2013) "Social Enterprise and Sustainability- A Theoretically Grounded Approach to Strategy Development " The International Journal of Interdisciplinary environmental Studies,Volume 7, 2013,
  • Ali Khosravi & Meena Chavan (2012): A comprehensive view on research excellence, Total Quality Management & Business Excellence, 23:5-6, 507-521
  • Chavan, M. (2011) "Higher education student's attitudes towards experiential learning in international business", Journal of teaching in International business. Published by Routledge ISSN: 0897-5930.Volume 22, (2) ERA listed Journal
  • Chavan, M. (2011) "Quality management and quality care", Asian Journal on Quality, Vol. 12 Iss: 1, pp.91-112 ERA listed journal
  • Chavan, M. (2011) "Global Financial crisis and Australia's International trade position" The Global studies journal, Vol.3 No 6.CG Publishers. ERA listed journal (in press) ERA listed journal
  • Chavan, M. (2011) "Framework Identifying the Heterogeneous Resource Constraints faced by Women Entrepreneurs at the Planning and Managing Stages", International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences. Volume 5(6) ISSN: 1833-1882 CG Publishers. (in press) ERA listed Journal.
  • Chavan, M. (2009) "A Structuralist Framework to Explore the Impact of Liberalisation Policies on Foreign Direct Investment", Global Studies Journal Vol. 2ISSN: 1835-4432
  • Chavan, M. (2009) "The Balanced Scorecard - a new challenge", Journal of management development, Volume 28/5, ISSN: 0262-1711-19, June, 2009.
  • Chavan, M. (2009) "The Efficacy of Web-Based Teaching in Experiential Learning Ubiquitous learning" An International Journal: ISSN: 1835-9795, vol 1. January, 2009.
  • Chavan, M. & Raiche, H. (2008) "The Australian Telecommunications Access Region ten years on", Telecommunications Journal of Australia Vol.58 (2-3): pp. 20.1 to 20.16. DOI: 10.2104/tja08020 ISSN (printed): 0040-2486.
  • Chavan, M. (2006) "An appraisal of environment management systems: A competitive advantage for small business in the face of global competition", Management of Environment Quality: An International Journal, Volume 16, Issue 5, 2005, and pg. 444-463 ISSN: 1477-7835. (Awarded emerald literati network award for excellence, 2006.)
  • Chavan, M. (2005) "Diversity makes Good Business. International Journal of Equal Opportunities", International Volume 24 No 7/ 8 2005.pp38-58 ISSN: 0261-0159.
  • Chavan, M. (2003) "Education and Training needs of the Ethnic entrepreneur", Journal of Industry and Higher Education, IP Publishing, London, UK, June 2003, Volume 17, Number 3, pp187-198(12) ISSN 0950-4222
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  • Chavan, M. & Mahoney, L. (2001) "BOSS: The No Frills Approach To Quality Systems For Small Business In Western Sydney", published in the May June, Australian Construction Law Newsletter, Issue 77 May-June pp 43-48 of the School of Building and Construction Law; Editor John Tyford, University of Technology, Sydney. ISSN-1035-1361
  • Chavan, M. (2001) "How to write a better thesis. By Davis Evans - Book Review, Small enterprise research", The Journal of SEEANZ, pp.82-83, Vol. 9, May 2001 issue.

chapters toggle icon open Book Chapters

  • Rooney, D. & Chavan, M. (2017) Globalization and Internationalization. The International encyclopedia of Organizational Communication Wiley – Blackwell Publications SBN: 978-1-118-95560-4
  • Kandiaya,T. & Chavan,M. (2017) Shared Value Creation for Sustainability in Not-for-Profit Organisations (pages 17-30) Handbook of Research on Emerging Business Models and Managerial Strategies in the Nonprofit Sector Lindy Lou West (Griffith University, Australia) and Andrew Worthington (Griffith University, Australia)
  • Chavan & Hartl, 2016 CULTURE" – The Imperceptible Influence Shaping Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution Strategies in Transnational Business Relationships A conceptual framework to improve communication skills with international counterparts _ Yearbook of Market Entry Advisory , March 2016
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conference toggle icon open Conferences and Presentations

  • Abel, R. & Chavan, M (2016). "The balance of exploration and exploitation in inter- and intra-organizational relationships and its performance implications". Doctoral Colloquium Best Paper Award at EURAM 2016 Paris (France) - Issuer -European Academy of Management on the 31 May 2016.Stream - "Strategic Management"
  • Abel, R.; Chavan, M. (2016): Joint knowledge creation and application in strategic alliances: How knowledge management practices enhance top management's learning intent. BAM 2016 Conference.
  • Abel, R.; Chavan, M.; Maurer, I. (2016): Contextual ambidexterity in the light of national culture: A comparative study of the interplay of managerial and organizational components in Australian, German and Indian biotechnology SMEs. BAM 2016, Conference.
  • Hartl & Chavan, M (2015). "How does the influence of culture shape conflict management and dispute resolution strategies in transnational business relationships? - A conceptual framework". International Human Resource Management Conference, Organiser; school of Labor and Employment Relations, The Pennsylvania State University, USA. Best Paper award
  • Alizadeh, S., Chavan, M. (2015) The impacts of ethnic distance, cultural distance and cultural competence on the quality of outpatient care – a comparative study in Australia. SIETAR conference, Cairns
  • Alizadeh, S., Chavan, M. and Hamin, H. (2014). 'Dimensions of service quality in Australian outpatient settings: A comparative study between Caucasian and non-Caucasian patients', Advances in Business-Related Scientific Research Conference (ABSRC). Rome, September 24-26
  • Hartl, S. &Chavan, M. (2014) How does the influence of culture shape conflict management and dispute resolution strategies in transnational business relationships? – A conceptual framework. Human Resource management paper development workshop 6th March 2014 UQ Business school Achieved the scholarship award
  • Chahabadi,D and Chavan,M. (2013)"Internationalisation of firms from developed countries into emerging and developing markets: Conceptual framework and research propositions based on the German renewable energy industry". Australia and New Zealand International Business Academy (ANZIBA) Conference, Sydney 2013
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  • Chavan, M. (2003).Foreign Direct Investments. Where to now? AIB Conference, India
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  • Chavan, M. (1999). A Frame Work for examining the ethnic resources as a sustained competitive advantage, 2nd (ICOQM) International Conference of Operations and Quantitative Management in Ahmadabad, India, Dec 1999."
  • Chavan, M, (1999).The changing role of ethnic entrepreneurs in Australia, 44rth ICSB at Naples Italy June 1999.
  • Chavan, M. (1998). Ethnic women entrepreneurs in Australia, 43rd ICSB at Singapore June 1998
  • Chavan, M. (1997).Entrepreneurship development amongst the ethnic community in Australia, 42nd ICSB (International conference in Small business) at San Francisco June 1997.

Affiliations / activities


  • Academy of International Business (AIB)
  • Women in the Academy of International Business (WAIB)
  • Academy of Management (AoM)
  • Consortium for International Marketing Research (CIMaR)
  • European International Business Academy (EIBA)
  • Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research (SIETAR)
  • ICSB
  • Asia Connect
  • Editorial Board Journal of Global Marketing
  • Editorial Board Journal of Problems and Perspectives in Management
  • Reviewer Journal of Development Entrepreneurship
  • Reviewer Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Reviewer Journal of International Management
  • Reviewer Academy of Management


  • Program Director Masters in International Business(2015- current)
  • FSQC Faculty Standards and Quality committee 2015-current
  • Program Coordinator BBA= 2006-2008
  • L&T coordinator 2008
  • Peer review coordinator 2009-current
  • Member of selection committee 2004-2006
  • Member of course management committee 2002-2007
  • Co-operative industry projects with the Parramatta and Baulkham Councils
  • PhD research has been nationally recognised through publications in the Queensland Business Review, CPA Journal, Greater Western Sydney Conference proceedings.
  •  Representative on the Ernst and Young Entrepreneurship awards.
  • Judging panel Business Strategy competition 2008-2010
  • Organizing member the Entrepreneurship Business Plan competition
  • Corporate training in "Finance for non finance managers" in Dubai, India and Australia.
  • Staff in charge-Summit on Youth Entrepreneurs, 2007 Macquarie University
  • Advisory committee –Eurasian Entrepreneurship and Management training conference, Amsterdam, 2007.
  • Lecturer in charge "Business without borders", 2006-2008, Macquarie University.

phd supervision toggle icon open PhD Student Supervision

PhD Student Supervision

  • Choon Hwa Lim Principal supervisor Topic - The role of culture in the structured selection interview process" Completed & Graduated - 2013
  • Somayeh Alizadeh Principal supervision Topic - Intercultural Communication Competence (ICC) in Healthcare System and the effects of ICC on Patients' Satisfaction and Medical Providers' Performance Completed and Graduated date 2015
  • Dominik Chahabadi Principal supervision Topic - The Internationalisation Strategies of German Renewable Energy Firms into Developing and Emerging Markets Completed and graduated - 2016
  • Rene Abel Principal supervision Topic - Organizational ambidexterity in the German, Australian and Indian firms: inter and intra organizational networks Completion date 2016

Current students

  • Sandra Hartl Principal supervision Topic – Cross Cultural Conflict Management in transnational corporations Completion date- 2018
  • Ashna Prasad Principal supervision Topic - Analysis of the International Business Practices of Small and Medium Enterprises in Developing and least Developing Nations (Fiji) Commencement date 2016 Completion date 2019

Teaching Interests

Meena's teaching interests are focused in the area of her research

  • Cross Cultural Management
  • International Business
  • Strategic Management
  • Entrepreneurship

She is an advocate of experiential learning and adopts an experiential teaching style. She has also taught in the areas of Business Ethics, Business Modeling, Operations Management, Project Management, Logistics and supply chain management and Quality Management in her previous appointments

Lecturing and Tutoring

Dr Chavan is currently the unit coordinator and lecturer for the Undergraduate unit BBA340 - Cross Cultural management and the postgraduate unit BUS804 -International Business strategy and BUS854 Leading and Managing in Culturally Diverse Environments.

2004 to current Lecturer and Lecturer in charge

  • BUS803 Strategic operations management (Postgraduate)
  • BUS804 International Business Strategy (Postgraduate)
  • BUS854 Leading and Managing in Culturally Diverse Environments
  • ACCG827 Entrepreneurship and Business Strategy (Postgraduate)
  • BBA340 Cross Cultural Management (Undergraduate)
  • BUS301 Business Policy (Undergraduate)
  • BUS 302 International Business Policy (Undergraduate)
  • BUS303 International Business Project (Undergraduate)
  • BUS201 Introduction to International Business (Undergraduate)

1995-2005 Lecturer and Lecturer in charge

  • Introduction to Management Science (Undergraduate)
  • Introduction to Operations Management (Undergraduate)
  • Materials Management and Distribution (Undergraduate)
  • Project Management (Undergraduate)
  • Quality Management (Undergraduate)
  • Cross Cultural Business(Undergraduate)
  • International Management (Undergraduate)
  • Operations Management (Postgraduate)
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship ( Postgraduate)

Overview of Academic Employment

  • 2004 to current Macquarie University
  • 1995- 2004 - University of Western Sydney
  • 1983-1994 - Pune University
  • The Chronicle- Magazine - Meena Chavan Publication: Competing globally is put at risk Story: Competition in the mining Industry Date: April 2015
  • The Asian Miner Magazine - Meena Chavan Publication: New Spice route for Australian Mining Story: International Networks for the Mining Firms Author: Meena Chavan Date: July 2015
  • ABC Radio Business Report program Interview by Elizabeth Jackson Story: Diversity makes Good Business Date: 3rd Septenber 2003
  • CPA Publication Story: Ethnic Small business challenges Date: March 2004
  • Queensland Multicultural office Publication on Diversity Date: May 2004.