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Daehoon Nahm

Photo of Daehoon Nahm
  • Position: Senior Lecturer - Department of Economics
  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Business Administration, Korea University; Master of Economics, University of Sydney; Doctor of Philosophy, University of Sydney

Contact Details

Areas of Expertise

  • Productivity and Efficiency
  • Cost of Living
  • Applied Econometrics


Daehoon joined Macquarie upon completing his PhD in Economics at the University of Sydney. His main research interest lies in productivity and efficiency, especially of financial institutions, applied econometrics, cost of living, and wealth and consumption. He has published both theoretical and applied research outputs in these areas in various academic journals including the Journal of Productivity Analysis and Economic Record. Dr Nahm teaches both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He has successfully supervised several PhD theses, and is currently supervising three full-time PhD candidates. Outside of teaching, he has also been acting as a referee for various academic journals, including Journal of Productivity Analysis, Economic Record, Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy and the Asian Pacific Economic Literature Journal. He has held visiting positions at the University of British Columbia, Osaka University, and Korea University.


  • Doctor of Philosophy: Economics (University of Sydney)
  • Master of Economics: Economics (University of Sydney)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration: (Korea University)

Current projects

  • An Empirical Analysis of the Disaggregated Direct and Indirect Effects on Aggregate Consumption, House Prices and Household Wealth from Changes in Monetary Policy: The Case for Australia (with Joseph Macri)
  • The impact of the 1996 US immigration policy reform (IIRIRA) on Mexican migrants' remittances (with Matias I. Vaira-Lucero and Max Tani)


journal toggle icon open Refereed Journal Articles

  • Dobbie, Michael, and Daehoon Nahm, “The Determinants of Individual Union Membership in Australia: A Structural Approach Using Panel Data”, Economic Papers, forthcoming.
  • Dobbie, Michael, Daehoon Nahm, and Craig MacMillan, “The Impact of Trade Unions on Work Related Training in Australia”, Australian Journal of Labour Economics, forthcoming.
  • Nahm, Daehoon, Michael Dobbie, and Craig MacMillan, 2017, “Union Wage Effects in Australia: An Endogenous Switching Approach”, Applied Economics 49 (39), 3927–3942.
  • Cui, Yuling, Daehoon Nahm, and Massimiliano Tani, 2017, "Employment Choice and Ownership Structure in Transitional China", Singapore Economic Review 62 (2), 325–344.
  • Nahm, Daehoon, and Joseph Macri, 2016, "The Effects of Monetary Policy on Consumption, Housing Wealth and House Prices: An Australian Perspective", Journal of Economic Research, 21, 175-204.
  • Cui, Yuling, Daehoon Nahm, Massimiliano Tani, 2015, "Wage Differentials and Employment Choice of Chinese Rural-migrant and Urban-resident Workers", Australian Economic Review 48(4), 382−399
  • Nahm, Daehoon, and Massimiliano Tani, 2015, "Skilled Immigrants' Contribution to Productive Efficiency", Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy 20(4), 594-612
  • Nahm, Daehoon, Yuling Cui, and Massimiliano Tani, 2015, "The Determinants of Rural Migrants' Employment Choice in China: Results from Joint Estimation", Applied Economics Research Bulletin 10, Summer 2015
  • Nahm, Daehoon, 2015, "The Effects of New Goods and Substitution on the Korean CPI as a Measure of Cost of Living", International Economic Journal 29(1), 57-72
  • Nahm, Daehoon, and Ha Vu, 2013, "Measuring Scale Efficiency from a Parametric Hyperbolic Distance Function", Journal of Productivity Analysis 39, 83-88
  • Vu, Ha, and Daehoon Nahm, 2013, "The Determinants of Profit Efficiency of Banks in Vietnam", Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy 18(4), 615-631
  • Nahm, Daehoon, and Ha Vu, 2013, "Profit efficiency and productivity of Vietnamese banks: a new index approach", Journal of Applied Finance and Banking 3(1), 45-65
  • Kirkwood, Joshua, and Daehoon Nahm, 2006, "Australian Banking Efficiency and Its Relation to Stock Returns", Economic Record 82(258), 253-267
  • Nahm, Daehoon, and Niramon Sutummakid, 2005, "Efficiency of Agricultural Production in the Central Region of Thailand", Korean Review of International Studies 8(1), 41-57
  • Nahm, Daehoon, 2004, "An Exact Index for the CES Function with Unobservable Prices", Journal of Productivity Analysis 21(3), 317−336
  • Horne, Jocelyn, and Daehoon Nahm, 2001, "International Reserves and Liquidity: A Reassessment", Kredit und Kapital 3, 356−392
  • Nahm, Daehoon, 1998, "Incorporating the Effect of New and Disappearing Products into the Cost of Living", Seoul Journal of Economics 11, 261-282
  • Bartels, Robert, Denzil Fiebig, and Daehoon Nahm, 1996, "Regional End-Use Gas Demand in Australia", Economic Record 72, 319-331

online toggle icon open Online Publications

Shazam Procedures

These are some of the procedures that I wrote for the econometrics program, Shazam. Explanations about how to use them can be found within the input and/or procedure files. Some procedures have separate instruction files, while some procedures are illustrated with an example. The extensions of the file names need to be changed after downloading (eg. input files to .SHA and procedure files to .PRO.)

These procedures are also accessible in the Shazam program itself (Version 11.1.2 or later). From "Resource View", click "All Resources" and "Procedure Library".

Professional Membership

  • of: Economic Society of Australia
  • of: The Econometric Society

Affiliations / activities

Reviewer for:

  • Journal of Productivity Analysis
  • Economic Record
  • Australian Journal of Management
  • Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy
  • Journal of Business Finance and Accounting
  • Australian Economic Review
  • Asian Pacific Economic Literature Journal
  • Social Indicator Research
  • Review of Behavioral Finance

phd supervision toggle icon open PhD Student Supervision


  • Ngoc Thi Anh Hoang – “Productivity and Efficiency of Vietnamese and Australian Manufacturing Firms”


  • Matias Vaira Lucero - "Migrants' Remitting and Saving Behaviours" (2013)
  • Yuling Cui - "The Role of Regional Labour Markets in Explaining Regional Migration Patterns: The Case of Northwest China" (2013)
  • Mohamed Alisabri Haniffa - "The impact of terrorism on a capital market: A case study of Sri Lanka" (2012).
  • Ha Thu Vu - "Efficiency and productivity analysis of the banking industry in Vietnam" (2010).
  • Rebecca Reeve - "Indigenous Poverty and policy approaches in urban NSW" (2010)
  • Michael Mollemans - &0065uro;"Announcement effects in Japanese capital markets&0065uro;
  • Mohamed Fazeel Mohamed Jaleel - "The stock price behaviour of an emerging stock market"
  • Zulfiqar Bashir - "The effects of economic reforms on agriculture and agricultural trade in India and Pakistan"