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Nuraddeen Abubakar Nuhu

  • Title: Dr
  • Position: Lecturer - Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance
  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Accounting, Masters of Business Administration (MBA), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Contact Details

Areas of Expertise

  • Management Accounting
  • Financial Accounting
  • Management Control Systems (MCSs)
  • Performance Management Systems
  • New Public Management (NPM)
  • Contemporary Management Accounting Practices (activity based costing, the balanced scorecard, Total Quality Management, etc.)
  • Organisational Capabilities


Nuraddeen A. Nuhu has extensive teaching experience ranging across various Accounting units, and has over 10 years research experience, involved in a number of funded and non-funded research projects. Prior to joining academia, Nuraddeen worked as an Accountant for about 5 years.

Nuraddeen’s research interests include management accounting, management control systems (MCSS), performance management systems, contemporary accounting practices (such as activity based costing, the balanced scorecard, and total quality management), new public management (NPM), and interdisciplinary areas. His work has been published in a number of academic journals, and has presented his research at international conferences.

Nuraddeen is also a member of professional and academic accounting bodies, and has been an ad hoc reviewer of academic journals.


  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD): Accounting (Macquarie University)
  • Masters of Business Administration (MBA): (King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals [KFUPM])
  • Bachelor of Accounting: (University of Jos)

Research awards

2014- First Place Winner, 3 Minutes Thesis Competition, Faculty of Business and Economics & MGSM, Macquarie University


journal toggle icon open Refereed Journal Articles

  • Nuhu, N.A., Baird, K. & Appuhami, R. (2017). The adoption and success of contemporary management accounting practices in the public sector. Asian Review of Accounting, Vol 25(2).
  • Nuhu, N.A., Baird, K. & Appuhami, R. (2016). The Association between the Use of Management Accounting Practices with Organizational Change and Organizational Performance. Advances in Management Accounting Vol.26, pp. 71-102.
  • Talha, M., Nuhu, N.A. & Emmanuel, E.U (2015). Promoting Multiple Stakeholder Orientation through Integrative Strategic Performance Measurement Systems. Science International Vol. 27(1) pp. 537-543.
  • Talha, M., Nuhu, N.A. & Emmanuel, E.U (2014). Do Integrative Strategic Performance Measurement Systems Foster Corporate Entrepreneurship? Science International Vol. 26(5) pp. 2401-2410.
  • Eid, M. & Nuhu, N.A. (2011). Impact of learning culture and information technology use on knowledge sharing of Saudi students. Knowledge Management Research and Practice, Vol. 9, pp. 48–57.
  • Sohail, M.S. & Nuhu, N.A. (2010). The influence of organisational justice on job satisfaction: evidence from an emerging nation. Int. J. Project Organisation and Management, Vol. 2, pp. 196-207.
  • Nuhu, N.A. (2008). Evaluation of Oil Elasticities: The Case of China and India. The Nigerian Accounting Horizon, Vol. 2, pp. 27-42

conference toggle icon open Conferences and Presentations

  • Nuhu, N.A., Baird, K. & Appuhami, R. (2015). The Association between the Use of Management Accounting Practices with Organizational Change and Organizational Performance. AAA 2015 Management Accounting Section (MAS) Meeting Conference, Newport Beach, California, the United States.
  • Emmanuel, E. U. & Nuhu, N.A. (2012). Determinants of Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure in the Annual Reports of Nigerian Listed Banks: Empirical Evidence from Banks. Second African Accounting and Finance Association (AAFA) Conference.
  • Eid, M. & Nuhu, N.A. (2009). The Impact of Learning Culture and Information Technology Use on Knowledge-Sharing: A Case of KFUPM. 17th European Conference on Information Systems.

Professional Membership

  • Member of: American Accounting Association (AAA), United States
  • Member of: Certified National Accountants (CNA), Nigeria
  • Student Member of: Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), United Kingdom