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Peter Eddey

Photo of Peter Eddy
  • Title: Professor
  • Position: Emeritus Professor - Faculty of Business and Economics
  • Qualifications: BCom (Hons) NSW, MCom (Hons) NSW, FCA, FCPA

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Peter Eddey is an Emeritus Professor in the Faculty of Business and Economics at Macquarie University. He is an honours graduate from the University of New South Wales with over 40 years of academic experience. Peter is a Fellow of both Chartered Accountants ANZ and CPA Australia.

Peter's teaching and research interests are principally in the field of financial and corporate accounting with publications in national and international journals together with textbook authorship.

Peter was the Director of Graduate Studies and developed several new postgraduate degree courses for the Faculty.

Peter has been a consultant to public accounting firms, corporations and government bodies.

Since retirement from Macquarie, Peter has remained active as a consultant in the higher education sector.


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