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Sean Turnell comments to Asia Times about the Myanmar economy

Created: 08 Jul 2013

Sean Turnell

Professor Sean Turnell spoke to Asia Times Online about Myanmar's currency, and the current issues around imperfections in bills.

Publication: Asia Times Online
Title: Clean bills or bust in Myanmar
Date: 3 July, 2013


Sean Turnell, an economics professor at Macquarie University in Sydney and an expert on the Myanmar economy, confronted the discerning monetary situation when on a recent trip to the country he tried to settle the bill at his hotel.

"The serial number of the bill was CB and the belief was, even though this sounds so absurd, the belief was that CB stood for counterfeit bill," Turnell said. "I explained to the young girl behind the counter in one of the top hotels and I said well if it were a counterfeit bill it wouldn't have CB on it. She completely agreed and at one point said 'We really have to get over this'."

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