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Sean Turnell advises on Myanmar's currency

Created: 08 Jul 2013

Sean Turnell

Professor Sean Turnell spoke to International Business Times about Myanmar's currency, and the current issues around imperfections in bills.

Publication: International Business Times
Title: Myanmar's Demand For Pristine Dollar Notes, Following A History Of Monetary Instability, Borders On The Absurd
Date: 4 July, 2013


"The serial number of the bill was CB and the belief was -- even though this sounds so absurd -- that CB stood for counterfeit bill," ... Turnell encountered the situation on a recent trip to the country. "I explained to the young girl behind the counter in one of the top hotels and I said well if it were a counterfeit bill it wouldn't have CB on it. She completely agreed and at one point said 'We really have to get over this'."

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