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Vijaya Nagarajan

  • Position: Adjunct Lecturer - Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance
  • Unit Name: ACCG614: Business and Corporations Law

Contact Details


  • PhD: (Australian National University)
  • Graduate Certificate in Higher Education: (University of Technology Sydney)
  • LLM: (Monash University)
  • B-Ec (Economics) & LLB: (Macquarie University)


journal toggle icon open Refereed Journal Articles

  • 'Regulating for Women on Corporate Boards: Polycentric Regulation in Australia' (currently being considered by Federal Law Review for publication)
  • 'Co-opting for Governance: the use of the conditions power by the ACCC' (currently being considered for publication by the University of New South Wales Law Journal)
  • 'Obstacles for Growth: Gender, Discrimination and Development in Tonga' Pacific Economic Bulletin (2009) 24(3) Pacific Economic Bulletin 132.
  • 'Finding the right fit for economic growth and private sector development in Vanuatu' (2008) 23(3) Pacific Economic Bulletin 35.
  • 'The Ability to Respond: the experiences of a regulator' in Parashar A and Dhata A, 'Decolonisation of Knowledge: Whose Responsibility' 2009 Routledge.
  • 'Reconceiving regulation: finding a place for the consumer' (2007) 15 Competition and Consumer Law Journal 93 - 112.
  • 'Empowering experience: repositioning critical legal skills in the law curriculum' (2006) 10 Southern Cross University Law Review 219 - 241 (with Parashar A).
  • 'The experience of becoming a professional: the experience of becoming a legal professional' (2006) 25(1) Higher Education Research and Development, 85-99 (with Reid A, and Dortins E).
  • 'The accomodating act: reflections on competition policy and the Trade Practices Act' (2002) 20(2) Law in Context 34 - 62.
  • 'Designing learning strategies for competition law - finding a place for context and problem based learning' (2002) 13 (1) Legal Education Review, 1 - 19.
  • 'A Balancing Act  - an examination of competition regulation in Australia' (2000) Bank of Valetta Law Review 59 - 76.
  • 'Doing time: how lawyers use history' (1998) Public History Review 13 - 23.
  • 'Small business protection' (1998) Competition and Consumer Law Journal.
  • 'Deregulation of GBEs: what about the consumer? '(1995) Competition and Consumer Law Journal.
  • 'The regulation of competition by section 46 of the Trade Practices Act' (1993) Competition and Consumer Law Journal.
  • 'The regulation of predatory pricing within the Trade Practices Act, (1990) Australian Business Law Review.
  • 'Partial takeover bids and the proposed amendments' (1986) 11 Legal Service Bulletin 89.

Other Publications (non refereed)

  •  'Evaluating the public benefit test'. This was funded by the ACCC and the report can be found on the following website.
  • 'Giving the consumer a voice' (2005) CUTS - Reguletter.
  • 'Non Economic Efficiency Factors and their place in Australian Competition Policy' chapter in Competition Law: An effective tool for making markets work for effective growth, Foundation for Good Governance, 2009, New Delhi.
  • Nagarajan V, 'Too much beef on the board' (opinion page, Sydney Morning Herald, Monday 21 April 1997).

books toggle icon open Books

  • Steinwall R, Dunns K, McMahon K, Nagarajan V, Smith R, Walker J and Hurley A, Australian Competition Law, 2000, pp 1+505.
  • Nagarajan V and Meltz D, Trade Practices Law: Questions and Answers, Butterworths, 1999, pp vi + 268.
  • McGuire C, Buultjecs J and Nagarajan V, How Business Works, Nelson, 1994, Sydney, pp x + 662.
  • Nagarajan V, The Law at Work; Understanding the Australian Legal System, Thomas Nelson Pty Ltd, South Melbourne, pp vi + 331.
  • Nagarajan V, Australian Law through 200 years, Kangaroo Press, 1989, pp 64
  • 'Restrictive Trade Practices' in Trade and Commerce Section, Halsbury's Laws of Australia, Butterworths, 1998.
  • Chapters 2 - 6 in Australian Corporate Practice, Butterworths, 1998 - 1999
  • Nagarajan V, 'Restrictive Trade Practices' chapter contributed to Vermeesch and Lindgren, Business law in Australia, (7th Edition, 1994 and 8th edition, 1998).

Book Reviews

  • Steinwall R (ed), 25 years of competition law (Butterworths, 2000) book review in Competition and Consumer Law Journal - August 2000.
  • Algie M & Kewley B, Market Definition (John Libbey, 1998) book review in Competition and Consumer Law Journal - 1999.
  • Radin M, Contested Commodities, (Harvard University Press, 1998) book review in Competition and Consumer Law Jorunal - 1998.
  • Edwards S, Brogan D and Tierney, Assessing the Consumer Credit Code' - book review in Competition and Consumer Law Jorunal.
  • Wing J, A 'Lucky' profession? A History of the Patent Profession in Australia' book review in Public History Review 1997 - 98.

conference toggle icon open Conferences and Presentations

  • 'Rights and Competition Policy' in Regulation Conference (College Dublin, Ireland) 2010
  • 'Poverty Inequality and Human Rights' Social Policy Conference, (University of Lincoln, Lincoln, UK) 2010
  • 'Non Economic Efficiency Benefits in Australian Competition Policy' International Comparative Competition Law Conference (New Delhi, India) 2009
  • Public Lecture: 'DNA Tests and the Consumer' with the Australian Law Reform Commission (Mitchell Library, Sydney)
  • Economic Empowerment of Pacific Women', Paper presented to AusAid 20th (AusAid Offices, Canberra) Participant on Radio Show: 'The Place of Women in Pacific'