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Wylie Bradford

Wylie Bradford
  • Title: Doctor
  • Position: Senior Lecturer - Department of Economics
  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Economics (First Class Honours), Newcastle University Australia; Master of Philosophy, University of Cambridge United Kingdom; Doctor of Philosophy, University of Cambridge United Kingdom

Contact Details

Areas of Expertise

  • Moral/political philosophy and economic theory
  • Distributive justice
  • Ancient economic history
  • Sustainable development
  • Burmese economy


  • Doctor of Philosophy: Economics (University of Cambridge)
  • Master of Philosophy: Economics (University of Cambridge)
  • Bachelor of Economics (Honours Class I): Economics (University of Newcastle)

Research grants

  • Macquarie University External Collaborative Research Grants Scheme 2008 - "An economic model to evaluate climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies for local government - Ku-ring-gai Council case study" ($40000)
  • MURDS 2003, $17,563 - "The Contribution of Burmese Migrant Workers to the Economy of Thailand". Project involved design and implementation of comprehensive socioeconomic survey of Burmese migrant workers in selected Thai provinces, the first exercise of its kind. Data to be used to analyse push factors in legal and illegal labour migration, economic experience of migrant workers and the extent to which the Thai economy benefits from access to large-scale labour migration flows.


journal toggle icon open Refereed Journal Articles

  • "The Economics of Rawlsian Justice: Can it be Neoclassical?", International Journal of Social Economics, 39(8)  (forthcoming)
  • "Burma's Economy 2009: Disaster, Recovery…and Reform", Asian Politics and Policy, vol.1, 2009 [with S. Turnell and A. Vicary]

chapters toggle icon open Book Chapters

  • "Assessing climate change adaptation options for local government", in Henderson-Sellers and You (eds), Climate Change Monitoring and Strategy, Sydney University Press 2010. [with A. Henderson-Sellers, S. Mathew, J. Scott, M. Street, R. Taplin and S.Trueck). 
  • "Migrant Worker Remittances and Burma: An Economic Analysis of Survey Results", in M. Skidmore and T.Wilson (eds) Dictatorship, Disorder and Decline in Myanmar (Canberra, ANU ePress, 2008) [with S.Turnell and A.Vicary]
  • "Rawlsian Justice and the 'Property-Owning Democracy': A Destructive Symbiosis?", in Kriesler, Johnson and Lodewijks (eds) Essays in Heterodox Economics (Refereed Proceedings, Fifth Australian Society of Heterodox Economists Conference, 2006).
  • "Conceptualising and Simulating Emigration Dynamics" in R.T. Appleyard (ed) Emigration Dynamics in Developing Countries (Aldershot, Ashgate, 1999) [with C.W Stahl].
  • "Units and Definitions" in G.C. Harcourt and P.A. Riach (eds) A 'Second Edition' of the General Theory (London, Routledge, 1997) [with G.C Harcourt].

reports toggle icon open Consultancy Reports

  • "Preliminary Survey Results on Burmese Migrant Workers in Thailand: State/division of origin, year of entry, minimum wages and work permits", Burma Economic Watch, 1/2005. [with A.Vicary]. 
  • "Fiant fruges? Burma's sui generis growth experience", Burma Economic Watch, 2/2004.
  • "Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) Estimates for Burma", Burma Economic Watch, 1/2004.

conference toggle icon open Conferences and Presentations

  • "Rawlsian Justice and the 'Property-Owning Democracy': A Destructive Symbiosis?", Fifth Australian Society of Heterodox Economists Conference, UNSW, December 2006.
  • Discussant: Kris Feder "Justice and Expediency: A Georgist Perspective on Rawls and Nozick", History of Economic Thought Society of Australia Conference, Macquarie University, July 2005.
  • "Economic Push-Factors in Burma-Thailand Labour Migration: Inferences From Official Wage Data", International Burma Studies Conference, Northern Illinois University, Dekalb IL, October 2004.
  • "Global Capitalism and Sustainable Development" - commissioned background paper to panel on Global Capitalism and Sustainable Development at International Conference on Global Ethos, United Nations University/Institute of Advanced Studies, Tokyo, October 2000.

phd supervision toggle icon open PhD Student Supervision


  • Principal Supervisor of Truuvert, Toomas - "Irving Fisher's Separation Theorem: A Review of its Interpretation and Application in Corporate Finance"
  • Associate Supervisor of Ariadne Katsouras - "Impacts of Hydroelectric Dams on the Amazon"
  • Associate Supervisor of Ruben Mendez - "Institutional Innovation, Deregulation and Competition in a Structured Society"

Recent completions:

  • Principal Supervisor of Tzameret Halal Rubin - "Science technology and innovation: Cross-industry technological innovation, public-private collaboration and technological business incubators." (thesis submitted 2012).