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Yue Wang

  • Title: Doctor
  • Position: Associate Professor - Department of Marketing and Management
  • Qualifications: PhD in International Business (University of Melbourne)

Contact Details

  • Ph: (+61-2) 9850 8513
  • Student Contact:
    4-5 pm Friday
  • Email:
  • Fax: 9850 6065
  • Room: 642, building: E4A

Areas of Expertise

  • Transaction cost-contracting theory, institutional theories (NIE and NIS), evolutionary economics, and dynamic capabilities literatures, and their applications in international business and management topics
  • East Asian business systems (China, Japan, Korea)


Yue Wang, received his PhD in Management (majored in International Business) from the University of Melbourne, is currently an Associate Professor of International Business at Department of Management, Macquarie University. Prior to joining Macquarie University, Dr. Wang worked for Australian School of Business at University of New South Wales (UNSW) first as a lecturer (2002-2007) and then a senior lecturer (2007-2012). Dr. Wang's previous appointments also include a number of visiting positions at Nagoya City University, Doshisha University and Kyoto University in Japan, Shanghai Jiaotong University in China and Korea University Business School.

Dr. Wang is passionate about international business research and teaching. As of April 2018, Dr. Wang has a career total of 2 books, 10 book chapters and 30 journal articles and many conference papers. His recent publications appear in major IB/IM journals such as International Business Review, Journal of International Management, Management International Review, International Small Business Journal, Advances in International Management, Journal of Business Research, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, and Thunderbird International Business Review. Dr. Wang has received two best conference paper awards, including the Best Paper Award at the prestigious China Goes Global Conference at JFK School of Government, Harvard University, in 2010.

In 2011, Dr. Wang was voted as among the top five lecturers across the entire UNSW by the Unijob website's annual voting for "lecturers of the year" for all Australian universities. ( With a commitment to the excellence in IB teaching, Dr. Wang has also written teaching cases in IB textbook published by Oxford University Press. At UNSW and Macquarie, Dr. Wang has completed supervisions of five PhDs, one Master by Research student plus a significant number of Honours students. Dr. Wang has also been invited to provide expert comments for major business media such as Australian Financial Review on Australia-China business relationship.

Research grants

  • 2011 The UNSW Contestable Funding for Strategic International Initiatives, $20,000 (with Prem Ramburuth, Peter Sheldon)
  • 2009, UNSW Goldstar Award (with Chung-Sok Suh, for projects narrowly missed ARC Grant), $30,000
  • 2009, UNSW International Research Collaboration Grant, $8,000
  • Other internal grants, Australian School of Business, UNSW, totalled $40,000

Research awards

  • 2010, Best conference paper award (with Xiao Zhang and Xufei Ma), China Goes Global annual conference at JFK School of Government, Harvard University, Boston
  • 2007, Best conference paper award (with Cindy Qin and Prem Ramburuth), The Inaugural Australia-China International Business Research Conference, Beijing
  • 2006, Finalist for the best conference paper award, The 2nd International Association for Chinese Management Research (IACMR) conference, Nanjing
  • 2005, Finalist for the prestigious JIBS Frontiers Award, the 3rd Annual JIBS/AIB/CIBER/ERIM Invitational Conference on Emerging Research Frontiers in International Business, Rotterdam

Current projects

  • Returnee entrepreneurship and innovation in emerging markets
  • TMT ethnic diversity and firm performance

Research areas

International business, international management, international entrepreneurship, international negotiation, global strategy, international HRM


journal toggle icon open Refereed Journal Articles

  1. Yin, Y., Wang, Y., & Lu, Y. (2018). Why firms adopt empowerment practices and how such practices affect firm performance? A transaction cost-exchange perspective. Human Resource Management Review. Advance online first. doi:10.1016/j.hrmr.2018.01.002
  2. Lu, J., Ma, X., Taksa, L., and Wang, Y. (2017). From LLL to IOL3: Moving dragon multinationals research forward. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 34 (4): 757-768. (editorial)
  3. Wang, Y. and Wang, K. Y. (2017). ‘How do firms tackle strategic change? A theoretical model of the choice between dynamic capability-based and ad hoc problem-solving approaches’, Journal of Organizational Change Management, 30 (5): 1-21.
  4. Quek, K. and Wang, Y. (2017). ‘Does obligational contracting lead to better performance? A comparison of global carmakers’ supply chain management approaches in Australia’, International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications, 20 (5):1-15.
  5. Qin, C., Wang, Y., and Ramburuth, P. (2017). ‘The Impact of Knowledge Transfer on MNC Subsidiary Performance: Does Cultural Distance Matter?’, Knowledge Management Research and Practice, 15 (1): 78-89.
  6. Zhang, X., Ma, X., Wang, Y., Li, X., and Huo, D. (2016). ‘What drives the internationalization of Chinese SMEs? The joint effects of international entrepreneurship characteristics, network ties, and firm ownership’, International Business Review, 25: 522-534.
  7. Wang, Y., Wang, K. Y., and Ma, X. (2016). ‘Understanding international business negotiation behaviour: credible commitments, dispute resolutions, and the role of institutions’, International Negotiation: A journal of theory and practice, 21: 165–198.
  8. Zhang, X., Ma, X., Wang, Y., and Wang, Y. (2014). ‘How can emerging market SMEs maximize internationalization benefits? The moderating effect of organizational flexibility’, International Small Business Journal, 32: 667-692.
  9. Suh, C-S., Wang, Y., Nam, M. H., and Zhang, X. (2014). ‘Sequential internationalization, heterogeneous process and subsidiary roles: the case of Hyundai Motor Company’, Asia Pacific Business Review, 20 (4): 578-602.
  10. Zhang, X., Ma, X., and Wang, Y. (2012). ‘Entrepreneurial orientation, social capital, and the internationalization of emerging market SMEs: Evidence from China’, Thunderbird International Business Review, 54 (2): 195-210.

  11. Wang, Y. and Tanaka, A. (2011) ‘From hierarchy to hybrid: The evolving nature of inter-firm governance in China’s automobile groups’, Journal of Business Research, 64: 74-80.
  12. Wang, Y. and Suh, C-S. (2009) ‘Towards a re-conceptualization of firm internationalization: Heterogeneous process, subsidiary roles and knowledge flow’, Journal of International Management, 15(4): 447-459.
  13. Wang, Y. and Nicholas S. (2009) ‘New perspectives on subsidiaries in the transition economy of China’, Advances in International Management, 22: 167-190.
  14. Wang, Y. and Nicholas, S. (2007). ‘Formation and Evolution of Non-equity Strategic Alliances in China’, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 24 (2): 131-150.
  15. Wang, Y. and Nicholas, S. (2005). ‘Knowledge transfer, knowledge replication and learning in non-equity alliances: operating contractual joint ventures in China’, Management International Review, 45 (1): 99-118.

Professional Membership

  • Founding Member of: International Association of Chinese Management Research
  • Member of: Strategic Management Society
  • Member of: Academy of International Business
  • Member of: Academy of Management
  • Member of: Asian Academy of Management

Affiliations / activities

  • 2015 Chair, Organization Theory Track, Asia Academy of Management Conference, Hong Kong
  • January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2015, Elected Officer, Asia Academy of Management (3 year term)
  • 2013 Local Organizing Committee Member, ANZIBA Annual Conference
  • 2007 Co-chair, International Management Stream, ANZAM Annual Conference 

Founding Member, International Association of Chinese Management Research

Member, Strategic Management Society

Member, Academy of International Business

Member, Academy of Management

Member, Asia Academy of Management

Ad-hoc Reviewer for: 

  • Academy of Management Perspective 
  • Asia Pacific Journal of Management 
  • Asia Pacific Business Review 
  • Asian Business and Management 
  • European Management Journal 
  • International Business Review
  • Journal of International Management 
  • Knowledge Management Research and Practice
  • Management and Organization Review

Community engagement

  • 2012, provide expert comments for Australian Financial Review on Chinese firms participation in Queensland's LNG projects
  • 2010, provide expert comments for Australian Financial Review on global strategies of Chinese state-owned resource companies

phd supervision toggle icon open PhD Student Supervision

  • Prior to joining Macquarie University, Dr. Wang has completed supervisions of three PhDs, one Master by Research student plus a significant number of Honours students at UNSW