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Annual Progress Report

Your annual progress report will be sent to you from HDRO at the end of October each year. This is to track the progress of your research.

Before filling out this form you will meet with all of your supervisors to discuss research project progress to date. There is a section for you to complete before forwarding the form to your supervisors. The supervisor will fill out his or her part and forward the form to the Faculty HDR Manager. The Associate Dean of HDR will make a recommendation on your progress on behalf of the Dean. A copy of the report and recommendation will be forwarded to you and to HDRO.

HDRO also requires a Commencement Report on your progress at the end of your first year (full-time equivalent).

Full details are on the Annual Progress Report page on the HDR website.

For any enquiries contact Agnieszka Baginska (02) 9850-1811