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Research Protocol

Following 6 months of full-time equivalent study you are required to present a Research Protocol to an Assessment Panel. This should be a substantial piece of writing consisting of three basic elements:

  1. A refined research proposal, journal article or chapter demonstrating progress in reviewing the relevant literature, identification of particular gaps in the existing literature that define the key problems/ issues to be addressed and the identification of the scope and direction the research will take;
  2. A plan of research showing how the problems identified will be addressed, together with a timetable; and
  3. An indicative budget for the entire research project. 
  4. A Turnitin similarity report submitted and generated through the FBE HDR Turnitin iLearn Community Unit

The Assessment Panel normally consists of the Associate Dean, Higher Degree Research (Chair), the Principal Supervisor, the Associate Supervisor (or Co-Supervisor) and the Head of Department (or nominee).

You will make a 20 minute presentation to the Panel followed by a question and answer time. The Panel may also provide advice on your proposal. The outcome will be determined as either Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory. If the outcome is Satisfactory candidature will be confirmed (except where completion of coursework requirements may delay confirmation). 

If your progress is deemed unsatisfactory by the Panel you will be informed in writing of any extra work you are required to undertake. A time limit of 6 months will be set for the completion of this requirement. Failure to achieve a satisfactory result within a 12 month (FTE) time frame could result in the termination of your candidature. The Transition to Research Program is designed to support your preparation for the Research Protocol.