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Appointment of HDR Examiners

Please go to the link below to read the HDR Thesis Examination policy, including the process for Nomination of Examiners.

Policy Central 


Candidates and supervisors should start the process for the Nomination of Examiners (NOE) at least 3 months prior to thesis submission for examination. Please see the NOE form for information which must be submitted with the form. To ensure there is no conflict of interest, supervisors and candidates can use SCOPUS to ensure there are no joint publications in the last 5 years. See instructions on how to do this (PDF).

Principal supervisor contacts each nominated examiner to ascertain their willingness to participate in the thesis examination process (this may take up to 1 month).
    • information usually provided
      • thesis title
      • format: Thesis by Publication or Traditional - if Thesis by Publication, may also provide FBE Guidelines
      • short synopsis
      • approximate length
      • expected submission date
    • may also inform potential examiners of
      • examination timeframe of 6 weeks
      • honorarium payment of $390
      • may not be chosen as examiner
  • Once the appropriate number of examiners has agreed, the principal supervisor
    • completes and signs the Appointment of Examiners form
    • sends the form to the HDR Manager for a compliance check and sign off by either the Departmental HDR Coordinator or by the AD HDR