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Your Responsibilities

The following are your key responsibilities as a Higher Degree Research student:

  1. Submit the part time research candidate request form or full time research candidate request form to request the set up of network access, intranet access, PhD profile page, building access card, relevant training (all candidates) and arrange office space plus laptop (full time candidates only). Check your University and Faculty emails regularly.
  2. Plan and manage your project responsibly so that you are able to complete on time (within four years of commencement). Remember that completion means passing!
  3. Commit an average of 40 hours per week to your research project as a full-time candidate and 20 hours per week as part-time candidates. Treat this commitment as a job.
  4. Initiate appointments with your supervisors and meet mutually agreed upon deadlines. See Code of Supervisory Practice.
  5. Present your Research Protocol after six to nine months of full-time equivalent study.
  6. Ensure that you complete annual progress reports in a timely fashion; keep up-to-date records of agreements reached with your supervisors, as well as notes of any problems encountered, in case you later need to apply for an extension of time.
  7. Give your annual presentation at the Faculty of Business and Economics Research Expo.
  8. Ensure that before proceeding on fieldwork:
    1. you have obtained any necessary leave of absence from the University,
    2. you are properly insured,
    3. your fieldwork conforms to University rules (e.g. regarding DFAT warnings),
    4. you have obtained ethics approval prior to departure, and
    5. you have obtained necessary visas and permissions and are aware of legal requirements affecting researchers in the country in which you will be working.
  9. Comply with the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research and be familiar with the Vancouver Protocol (PDF). For example these codes outline rules for co-authorship which may be of particular interest to students pursuing a thesis by publication.
  10. Be aware of, and comply with, University, Faculty and Department policies and procedures. For example, you must use STA Travel or Campus Travel for booking flights (this is a University requirement).