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How Do I?

Tips for Numbering Pages and Naming Tables/Figures

By Lurion De Mello

Save the thesis in word/latex. A little footnote can be included on the first page of the Chapter/Paper, stating the link to the journal publication or the doi number, if it is still awaiting volume/issue number.

You can name your tables/figures according to your chapter No. A little bit of work but overall it will look better. This option is good if you do not have a truckload of tables and figures...!

If you include the actual publication typeset then you will have to convert all your files (Introduction/Conclusion) to PDF and then insert the relevant publications in between (in Adobe Professional you can do that using the insert pages/file and then select the before or after page in the relevant sections). Then you can assign page numbers in Acrobat Professional but put the numbers to the bottom right (assuming that the publication page numbers are in the bottom centre). A table of content can be generated in Acrobat using bookmarks. Here is a guide on how to do it (there are other guides, best thing to do is google "Table of Contents + Acrobat"). These can be applied to the figures and tables.

Adobe Acrobat Professional - How to create a table of contents

Install a Printer

To install printer in E4B 202, 204, 302 or 304 

  • You will need an FBE laptop or desktop with the standard NON-modified system.
  • Connection to the FBE network (either cable plugged in to E4A or E4B building or connected to MQ wireless OneNet using MQX login)

To install a printer:

  • You will need to be using IE browser
  • go to FBE Intranet IT page
  • click "find a printer to print to?"
  • Select the printer location and click on the printer icon to start the installation.
  • Click "Yes" to install the printer If this does not work, please lodge a request with OneHelp by clicking the icon on your desktop.