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Thesis by Publication

Thinking of doing a thesis by publication? There are many benefits of doing so.

Completion Review

  • Six months prior to thesis submission candidates and supervisors will approach potential thesis examiners to obtain their consent to participate in thesis examination.
  • Both international and domestic examiners should be chosen.
  • Around this time, the candidate and the supervisors will attend a Completion Review.
  • The Completion Review will be conducted by the Department HDR Director. The time line for submission will be set and the nomination of thesis examiners will be discussed.

Thesis Examiners Nomination

The thesis examiners nomination form (.docx download) must be submitted 3 months prior to submission together with an abstract of the thesis (no more than 300 words).

Thesis Preparation

Thesis Submission

The thesis must be submitted for examination with the submission of thesis for examination form (.docx download) , author's consent form (.docx download) and a copy of the final ethics approval letter (if applicable).

Thesis Examination

What happens once the thesis is submitted for examination

Post Examination

Once candidates receive examiners comments and have addressed all recommendations in the thesis, they can submit the final version to the University.