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Q: Do I need two supervisors?

A: Yes, if you do not have an associate second supervisor, discuss this with your principal supervisor. For further advice see your HDR Co-ordinator and your HOD. After consultation, fill out a SUP (Change of Supervisor) form and submit it to the the Faculty's HDR team. Go to the Higher Degree Research Office forms web page for all forms.

Q: What do I do when my principal supervisor is absent (e.g. ill, on leave, left the University)?

A: If the absence is temporary, your associate supervisor should be available. If the absence is long-term (more than 6 months where contact is still possible by email etc, or more than 1 month in the case of no contact), discuss the issue with your supervisor prior to departure. If this is not possible contact your Department HDR Co-ordinator. You are entitled to expect that a new supervisor will be found within 3 months of the departure of the previous one.

Q: What can I expect from my supervisors?

A: See the University's Code of Supervisory Practice. Make sure that you discuss the expectations and responsibilities with both your supervisors and reach a mutual agreement.

Q: What will my supervisors expect from me?

A: See the University's Code of Supervisory Practice. Make sure that you discuss relevant issues with both supervisors and reach a mutual agreement.

Q: What do I do to resolve an issue with one or both of my supervisors?

A: If you feel that you cannot discuss the problem with your supervisors, report the difficulty to the HDR/Research Departmental Coordinator as soon as possible. The HDR Manager and the Associate Dean, Higher Degree Research (ADHDR) are the next point of escalation if your problem has not been resolved by the HDR/Research Coordinator for the Department. Any discussions you have about the problems you are experiencing will be treated in strict confidence while a resolution is sought. In the event of a breakdown in one or both relationships, the ADHDR will assist you in finding new supervision arrangements. A formal grievance procedure is available on Higher Degree Research Office web page.

Q: Can I get more adequate or timely feedback on written work?

A: Remember your supervisor has many academic responsibilities , one of which is supervision and you may not be the only student under their supervision. The frequency of meetings and deadlines for written work should be mutually agreed. It is your responsibility to meet all deadlines and it is your supervisors' responsibility to provide timely feedback. You should be able to receive feedback within 3 weeks of submission.

Q: Who else can I contact if my supervisors are not available when I would like to meet with them?

A: Contact your Department HDR Coordinator and the HDR Manager. You may also contact the ADHDR.


Q: Do I have a workspace?

A: The Faculty aims to ensure that all HDR students have access to facilities including workspace and a computer. This can be organised by contacting the Faculty's HDR team.

Q: How do I access resources over and above the basic ones?

A: The Faculty provides funding for necessary research expenses such as special training courses not available on campus, fieldwork travel and conference travel. You can apply for this support at any time during your candidature. There is a monthly deadline for applications on the 5th of each month. The complete application for funding will be assesed by the Research Committee at the next Faculty Research Committee Meeting (see 'Support for Student Research').

Q: How do I go about obtaining extra coursework to upgrade my skills in the area of my research?

A: It is your Department's responsibility to make available any extra coursework that your supervisors deem essential to the furtherance of your thesis. Some Departments provide courses. Others currently do not, but courses may be available elsewhere – either on or off campus. HDR students are not permitted to take more than one coursework unit per semester. Funding for short training courses may be available from the Faculty, e.g. training in software or a particular statistical method. You should apply in the same way as for other funding.

Q: Who can help me obtain a laptop or computer for my fieldwork?

A: Laptop computers are available for loan either from your Department or ITSU (IT Services Unit) in the Faculty. Contact Faculty HDR Office

Q: Who can help me with technical questions about my computer or laptop?

A: Log your problem with the ITSU Helpdesk. Click onto the Helpdesk icon on your desktop.

Q: What if I need email or distance access?

A: Contact the MQ IT Helpdesk.


Q: What do I do if I need a period of leave due to unforeseen circumstances?

A: Apply to HDRO. Leave of Absence is not normally granted during the first year and there is an absolute maximum of 12 months available during your entire candidature.