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Funding and Grants

Funding for your research project

Everyday expenses such as photocopying, postage, and telephone are funded by the Faculty of Business and Economics.

To obtain funding for any other purpose e.g. workshops, training, transcription services or attending colloquiums and conferences, candidates have access to up to AUD $10,000. To find out how to access the funding and how to make the funding go further, please contact the Faculty HDR team.

Some of the sources of funding available to HDR students are listed below.

Faculty HDR Support

Funds for non-essential research costs are allocated by the Faculty Research Committee subject to the Dean's approval. Candidates must submit a completed Candidature Budget form (Excel file) to the Faculty HDR team. This budget must be submitted in soft-copy and hardcopy. The hardcopy must include signatures of the supervisor, Departmental Coordinator of HDR and AD HDR (or nominee).

MQ Grants

Macquarie University Postgraduate Research Fund (MQPGRF)

Funding rules and application forms

Up to $5,000 is available for candidates to present at a conference or multiple conferences (local or international) and for other non-standard expenditures in support of their research. It is expected that every candidate in the Faculty of Business and Economics applies for a PGRF grant.

Candidates have about 18 months in which to make their application - from late second year (full-time equivalent) up until three and a half years (full-time equivalent) candidature. It is important to talk to your supervisor about appropriate conferences and plan well in advance.

You are supported in your application by a grant writing workshop by Learning Skills Specialists. Please submit a soft copy draft of your application to the Faculty HDR team one week prior to the final submission deadline. They will review your grant application and address any major issues with your application. For all deadlines and workshop times and venues please check the HDR Calendar Important HDR Dates.
The final version of your application containing signatures of your supervisor and Head of Department must be submitted to the FBE HDR Office by the dates noted on the PGRF page.

Other Grant Opportunities

Grant opportunities are regularly updated on the Macquarie Research Office website.