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STAT826: Assessment

Assessment consists of:
  • Final Exam
    • Assessment Weighting 65%
  • 2 Mid-Semester Tests
    • Assessment Weighting 20%
  • 5 Assignments
    • Assessment Weighting 35%

A satisfactory performance on all components of the assessment (the midsemester tests, the assignments and on the final exam) is essential for a passing grade in this course. Total marks possible: 120.

Past Exams 

  • 2005 Mid-Semester Exam, Q1

  • 2005 Mid-Semester Exam, Q1 Solutions

  • Practice Exam Part A

  • Practice Exam Part A Solutions

  • Practice Exam Part B

  • Practice Exam Part B, Q1 Solutions

  • Practice Exam Part B, Q23 Solutions