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Student Advisers

FBE Program Advising

If you are an FBE student, you can get program advice from a Student Adviser at BESS Office. Program advising is advice regarding the structure of your degree and the process of checking your program to ensure it meets the rules for the degree in which you are enrolled i.e. what are the required units for your degree and/or major? Which People and/or Planet units can you take? What will I enrol in next? 

If your enquiry is regarding one of the following areas of study:

  • Accounting & Corporate governance
  • Applied Finance
  • Marketing & Management
  • Economics

then please use one of these links:

For enquiries regarding Actuarial Studies, please visit the Department of Applied Finance and Actuarial Studies in E4A Level 6.

General Advice: Angela Chow

Phone: 02 9850 1810 

Room: E4A 620

Academic Advice: Jim Farmer

Phone: 02 9850 8569
Email: .

Room: E4A 616

Post-Graduate Advice: Timothy Kyng

Phone: 02 9850 7289 

Room: E4A 614