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FAQ for Current Students

1. How can I find my way around the campus?

A map of the campus is available. It is helpful to know that:

  • Buildings labelled C are in the Center of the Campus E & F are on the East side of the Campus W and X are on the West side of the Campus
  • Buildings are numbered with numbers from 1 to 11, where low numbers are closer to the front of the Campus (i.e. closer to Epping Road) and high numbers are closer to the back of the Campus (i.e. closer to the M2 motorway).

Hence E11A is on the eastern side of the campus, near the rear of the campus. And W3A is on the west side of the campus, near the front of the campus.

2. I'm currently studying a single degree (AF&ACST). How do I apply transfer to a double degree?

Please go to the following link: Course Transfer

3. What help is available from my fellow students?

ASSOC is the student association for actuarial students. They organise many social activities so that you can have some fun and meet your fellow students; they organise careers nights where you can get tips about finding a job; they publish a newsletter; and they offer mentoring services and student feedback about different units. See the ASSOC website for more information.

4. Can I apply for a scholarship to study Applied Finance and Actuarial Studies at MQ?

Please refer to the prizes and scholarships page for undergraduate students, the prizes and scholarships page for postgraduate students and the support for research for research students.

5. What is a Grade Point Average?

Your grade point average is a score based on your performance at University.

6. What are prerequisites?

Some units have prerequisite requirements. This means you are not allowed to enrol in this unit unless you have already completed another unit to a satisfactory level. For example, you cannot enrol in ACST200 Mathematics of Finance unless you have already:

  • completed ACST101 with a Credit or better
  • completed MATH133 with a Pass or better
  • have a Grade Point Average of at least 2.50

Generally, the pre-requisites are supposed to make sure that you have mastered some basic introductory material before attempting more difficult material. If you have not completed the pre-requisites, you would probably have little chance of success in the more advanced unit.

7. What happens if I do not meet the prerequisite requirements for a unit I want to study, e.g. because I did not do well in a first year unit?

You should consult your an academic advisor to discuss whether you should continue pursuing an actuarial major or switch to some other area of study. You can seek this advice using our contact form.

If you decide to continue pursuing an actuarial major, you will probably need to repeat the first year unit in order to improve your performance and hence demonstrate that you have a sound understanding of the pre-requisite material.

8. How do I submit a Waiver request?

Firstly, read the previous question. Most waiver requests are submitted by students who should not be continuing with the actuarial major. Such requests are not approved. If this does not apply to you then you may fill in a Special Approval Request form and submit the form at BESS in building E4A. MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE FORM AND PROVIDE FULL INFORMATION ABOUT THE REASONS FOR SPECIAL APPROVAL.

Your request will be considered by a Waiver Committee and the results will be posted on the Applied Finance and Actuarial Studies Department website.

9. I put in a waiver request but it was refused. I want to appeal against this decision.

The decision of the waiver committee is final. You should enrol assuming that you will NOT be given a waiver.

10. I got a conceded pass (PC) in a particular unit. Can I:

- count that unit for satisfying the coherent major for my degree?

- count the credit points from that unit for satisfying the degree requirement to have so many credit points at or above a certain level?

Conceded passes can be used to satisfy any of the degree requirements.

12. Are there possibilities of getting internships organised by the University?

The University does not organise internships. However many students get 'holiday jobs' working for actuarial employers. This is an excellent way to obtain practical experience.  

13. Can I start a Masters degree before finishing my undergraduate degree?

Some students find themselves perhaps one unit short of completing their undergraduate degree and have asked whether they can start a Masters degree in the same semester in which they finish their undergraduate degree.

It is not possible to enrol in a Masters degree until you have completed an undergraduate degree. However, you can apply to study Masters units on a non-award basis before you complete an undergraduate degree. If you subsequently enrol in a Master of Commerce, any relevant units which you have passed on a non-award basis could then be included in the Masters degree.

Approval to enrol in Masters units on a non-award basis is not automatic. In particular, if you have not yet completed an undergraduate degree you will have to carefully justify your case. If you are enrolled in a double degree and have satisfied the requirements for one of the degrees involved, this would be a useful point to make in your application.