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Applications to enrol in more than 14 credit points in a semester

Semester 1 applications for More than 14 Credit Points are open as soon as re-enrolment commences. Semester 2 applications for More than 14 Credit Points can be lodged as soon as the Session 1 Final Results are released.

New Students

  • Authorisation for programs who wish to apply for More than 14 Credit Points in a Session, can only do so with reference to their Macquarie University Academic History (at least one session completed in Macquarie University). 
  • Programs greater than 14 credit points require a signature from the Dean of Faculty nominee. The Dean of Faculty nominee for the Faculty of Business and Economics is an Student Adviser from the department in which the student intends to major. 

Continuing Students

  • Students must fill in the application form, attach their transcript and then submit them to one of the following departmental contacts:
    • Accounting & Corporate Governance, Marketing and Management and Economics
    • Actuarial Studies

If an approval has been granted, students must take their signed application to Student Connect for processing.