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Forms and Processes

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Deal with enrolment issues

  • Change your degree 
    • Macquarie University offers Undergraduate Students the opportunity to transfer into some degrees internally if you satisfy certain requirements.
  • Change your units 
    • All students can affect a Change of Unit Enrolment via eStudent, but students should check the Macquarie University deadlines carefully when adding and deleting units.
  • Application to enrol in 14+ credit points in a semester (FBE)
    • Permission from your department is required if students wish to attempt more than 14 credit points in a semester
  • Recognition of Prior Learning 
    • Students who have done previous study at a recognised tertiary institution may apply for general credit towards their current Undergraduate degree at 100 and 200 level. New students seek Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) as part of the pre-enrolment process.
  • Discontinue your studies for a period of time 
    • All a student needs to do to discontinue their studies is to withdraw from all their units via eStudent. Note: International students must see the international office prior to discontinuing.
    • The appropriate method for applying to resume your studies will depend on your particular circumstances and when you anticipate to resume your studies.
  • Fees and Costs 
  • Withdraw from a unit after Census Date 
    • If you are withdrawing from unit(s) of study before the Census Date you will incur no financial or academic penalties.
  • Apply for disruption to studies (FBE)

Student Support

Appeal my grade

  • Final Grade Appeal (Faculty)
    • Appeals Against Final Grades procedure exists to address very rare cases where a procedural irregularity has occurred.


Get a record of my subjects and results

  • Applying for an academic transcript (MQ)
    • Students can obtain two types of academic transcripts:
    • Official transcript - printed on watermarked paper and used to verify a student's results to an external person(s)/organisation. You will be required to pay a fee to obtain copies of your official transcript. 
      • An official academic transcript includes yearly enrolment details, units, results, credit points, course completion and/or conferral of award details, as well as all fails and withdrawals.
      • It is only available in hard copy.
    • Unofficial transcript - printed on plain paper with the words 'Unofficial Record' whitewashed in the background. You are not required to pay a request fee. 
      • An unofficial transcript is used for Macquarie University internal purposes such as receiving academic advising.
      • You are able to request a copy from your eStudent account under 'My Results and Graduation' tab.

Advise the University about missing classes or assessment

  • Disruptions to Studies (Faculty)
    • If you have been unable to attend classes or you have missed assignments or tests during semester due to illness or other factors outside your control, you need to inform the University so that your lecturer can take this into consideration by applying for special consideration(s).

Submit and collect my assessments and tests

Special approval

Calculate my GPA

MQ Students going abroad

  • available to students who have successfully completed at least one year of their Macquarie University degree with a GPA of 2.0
  • Every Macquarie study abroad student receives a travel grant of between AUD$500-AUD$3,500 depending on the type and length of their program
  • Students can go overseas for as little as a fortnight and receive credit towards their degree or alternatively study for up to six months or one year.

Access Computer Labs

Current Internships

Rights and Responsibilities


Apply to do honours

Important: Honours programs offered by the Faculty of Business and Economics will be discontinued by the end of 2013. 

Students are now required to undertake Masters of Research in place of the honours program of should they wish to pursue an alternative route to PhD. 

Apply for non award study

  • Non-Award study program
    • Non-award study is available on a tuition-fee-paying basis to students who wish to study in an area of interest and at a pace that suits them.
    • It is classified as non-award because students enrol in individual units rather than an award such as a degree, diploma or certificate.
    • The Non-Award study program is managed by the Centre for Open Education.