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Disruption to Studies

more about What is it about?

The Disruptions to Studies process is for students who have been affected by serious and unavoidable disruption (for example, illness) to their studies and/or absent to their assessments. It provides an official means for students to receive recognition of the interruption and the University to provide support in such situations.

Student can apply for a variety of reasons, such as illness (either physical or psychological), accident, injury, societal demands (such as jury service), bereavement, family breakdown or unexpected changes in employment situations. 

This procedure replaces what was previously known as the Special Consideration policy, and is now in effect for Session 1 2014 onward. Special Consideration is now referred to as the provision of the additional opportunity for a student after Disruption to Studies application is approved. 

For further information, please read through the official university policy on Disruption to Studies by clicking here.

more about applying How do I apply?

To submit an application, please refer to the following steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Select "Current Studies Domestic and International"
  3. Login with your OneID
  4. Click on "Disruption to Studies" 
  5. Fill in your relevant details
  6. Attach supporting document(s) by clicking on "Add an Attachment" to add the document which you have scanned

Please ensure you submit your application(s) within 5 working days of the commencement of the disruption(s).

more supplementary exam info Have I been awarded a supplementary exam?

Emails will be sent to the official Macquarie University student email address regarding outcomes of their Disruptions to Studies application.

  • Supplementary exams for Faculty of Business and Economics units in Session 1, 2017 exams will be held between the 18th and 20th of July 2017. 

Note: If you sat the Final Exam and are granted Disruptions to Studies:

  • you will have to sit the supplementary exam.
  • your performance in the supplementary exam would replace your performance in the Final Exam

more other information What other useful information I may need to know?

  • Supporting documentation should be included in the application. 
  • If Disruptions to Studies is being sought on medical grounds, students must provide a Professional Authorities Form. Medical certificates will NOT be accepted.

Supplementary Final Exam Timetables

Please refer to the following dates for the examination periods and when the timetable will be available. 

The Supplementary Exam Timetable will be released at 5pm on Thursday 13th of July 2017

Upon the release of the supplementary exam timetable, should you find a clash of timings for the supplementary exams that have been granted to you or, if you have been granted a supplementary exam but do not find your student number listed, please notify us immediately by calling 9850 1050.

Please be aware that Supplementary Exams for Faculty of Business and Economics units will be held in the following dates: 

Session 1, 2017 supplementary exams: 18th - 20th of July 2017. 

Session 2, 2017 supplementary exams: 12th - 14th of December 2017. 

For frequently asked questions regarding exam related Disruption to Studies, please click here.