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Applications to Credit Overload (>14/16 CPs) in a semester

Semester 1 applications for Credit Overload (>14/16 CPs) are open as soon as re-enrolment commences. Semester 2 applications for Credit Overload (>14/16 CPs) can be lodged as soon as the Session 1 Final Results are released.

New Students

  • Authorisation for programs who wish to apply for More than Credit Overload (>14/16 CPs) in a Session, can only do so with reference to their Macquarie University Academic History (at least one session completed in Macquarie University). 
  • Programs greater than Credit Overload (>14/16 CPs) require a signature from the Dean of Faculty nominee. The Dean of Faculty nominee for the Faculty of Business and Economics is a Student Adviser from the department in which the student intends to major. 

Continuing Students

  • General requirement for applications to be taken in consideration: 
    • 4 point scale:
      • UG GPA requirements: >= 3.000
      • PG GPA requirements: >= 2.700
    • 7 point scale:
      • UG GPA requirements: >= 5.000
      • PG GPA requirements: >= 4.700
    • If students are in their last semester, a lower GPA threshold may be considered.
  • Applications are lodged online via AskMQ and can be found here
  • If you have any questions regarding Credit Overload (>14/16 CPs), please contact the following Faculty contacts:
    • Accounting & Corporate Governance, Marketing and Management and Economics
    • Actuarial Studies