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IT Policies

Faculty of Business and Economics Student Computing Laboratories

Conditions of Access

  1. Student Computing Laboratories available to undergraduate students are located in Building E4B. As some labs have restricted access, students should check the Student Computing Labs section for details prior to use.

  2. All users of computing facilities within the Faculty of Business and Economics are bound by the Conditions of use.

  3. Usage of all student computing facilities within this Faculty is restricted to authorised coursework for units offered within this Faculty. At all times, student ID cards must be displayed in the locations provided. Students must comply immediately with all notices posted within the rooms and directions given by University staff, including Student Computing Laboratory Demonstrators.

    • Keep all computing areas neat and tidy; use facilities provided
    • Keep noise to a minimum, and avoid all other disruptions
    • Do not attach, alter or remove hardware of any kind to the equipment provided (including USB storage devices)
    • Do not change desktop or application configurations
    • Do not install or remove software or firmware of any kind
    • Do not download unauthorised material
  4. Since student computing facilities are provided to support large numbers of students, please show consideration for your fellow students and treat University equipment with care. In particular,

  5. Please note that food or drink is NOT permitted in computing areas, and smoking is prohibited within any building on campus.

  6. Students must vacate, and not enter, rooms whenever scheduled classes are in progress; timetables of classes are posted on doors. Also, students must evacuate rooms immediately upon instructions given by University staff, including Student Computing Laboratory Demonstrators, or Emergency Services personnel (e.g.: Police, Fire, Ambulance, SES, etc.).

  7. Students are responsible for the integrity of their data. Hence, it is important that students maintain independent copies of important files. The University accepts no responsibility for loss or corruption of files. The University also reserves the right to monitor information stored on its resources and remove unauthorised or inappropriate files.

  8. Students working on University premises must comply at all times with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (2000, as amended) and Occupational Health and Safety Regulations (2001, as amended).

  9. Breaches to any of the above conditions will result in disciplinary action, without further notice.