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High as a Keyte - Marketing Internship

Andrea Spagnol

As part of the marketing support team, Andrea had the opportunity to work on a number of outdoor events as part of the High as a Keyte team.

"I was so excited to have the chance to gain real world work experience, and to see what goes on behind the scenes of an events marketing company," Andrea states.

The event that she was primarily involved in was the ME Bank Starlight Cinema Event, which was held at North Sydney Oval from January 18th – March 4th.

  • Andrea’s role was to facilitate the ME Starlight Cinema Event in a number ways including:
  • Updating the website with the correct movie screening/event information
  • Editing the app, specifically created for the event
  • Being the point of contact at High as a Keyte and responsible for fielding and communicating about the event with members of the public.
  • Post event communications – which included providing statistics to the event sponsors.
"My internship experience gave me the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills from problem solving to honing research skills and improving my communication skills," Andrea adds. "I loved to see how the things that I had done contributed to a successful event."

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