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FBE First STEP Mentoring Program for first year undergraduates

First Step Mentoring 

Are you in your first year as an undergraduate student in the Faculty of Business and Economics FBE?

Get involved now and apply for the First STEP Mentoring Program!

There is a lot to learn in your first year at University, as you take your first steps towards a successful career. First STEP (Striving Towards Excellence Program) connects first year students with Academic and peer mentors within the Faculty of Business and Economics, so you can get some advice from those who have done it all before.

The Benefits

For you, this means:

  • Meet new people within your Faculty
  • Get to know an Academic one-on-one
  • Gain a better understanding of resources on campus
  • Practice networking and communication skills
  • Learn what it takes to succeed!

How does it work?

You will be assigned to a mentoring group made up of 3-5 first year students and an academic mentor.

As part of the program you will meet one-to-one with your academic mentor a few times across the session to discuss your university experience. You might talk about challenges you are facing, decisions you need to make regarding your major or how to best use your time to prepare for a successful career.

Each mentoring group will also have a 3rd year student assigned as a peer mentor who is there to guide you and offer you advice based on their experience. They will organise a few group events across the session for you to get to know your peers, and they will send you emails across the session giving you a heads up on approaching deadlines, and pointing out events and opportunities available to you.

What's involved?

Your responsibilities are to:

Apply now

  1. Prepare for the one to one meetings with your Academic Mentor. Treat this like a business meeting arrive on time, and prepared with a few talking points.
  2. Treat other first year students, academic mentors and peer mentors professionally and with respect
  3. Provide plenty of notice if you are unable to attend a meeting with your group or peer mentor.
  4. Review and understand the program guidelines on iLearn
  5. Bring any concerns to the attention of the First STEP Mentoring team
  6. Attend the formal launch, in Week 2 of Session 1, 2017.

Note: Your commitment over the course of the session will be approximately 7 hours.

Applications are now open for S1 2017.

If you have any questions about the program please email

More Information:

'After talking to my academic mentor I found him to be a valuable resource of information especially pertaining to the financial industry. I found this to be very valuable because it's hard to find what it's like apart from what you read on the internet and what people say. Actually talking to someone who has worked in that industry for quite some time was really insightful'.
- Student, Bachelor of Applied Finance and Bachelor of Law

'My participation in the program has impacted on my academic success as I found out what I wanted to achieve and knew the steps to take in order to achieve success including exam preparation and career tips.'
- Student, Bachelor of Applied Finance with Bachelor of Commerce

'I gained a lot more from the program than I thought I would. Most importantly, I learnt the importance that good mentoring can have on someone's life. Thus, it encouraged me to become a mentor myself in the LEAP mentoring program (mentoring high school students from a refugee background)'.
- Student, Bachelor of Commerce with Bachelor of Psychology, first year participant

'I have met wonderful people through the First STEP Mentoring Program and have developed a great support network as a result. Even after the program, they are still a great source of knowledge and advice. Some were kind enough to become my referees, which has helped me take on amazing opportunities, such as go on a semester exchange to Sweden'.
- Student, Bachelor of Commerce - Professional Accounting with BBA

'I have learnt more about career prospects and directions, positive study habits and even the secret behind being a successful student. I have come to understand that being in university is not all about studying. Ultimately, soft skills and experience are the key qualities that employers look for from students. My mentors have advised me to become proactive and try to get involved with various extracurricular activities and events while ensuring I have enough time for studying. I took the advice and I would proudly say my university life up till now is very successful'.
- Student, Bachelor of Actuarial Studies

'I was deeply pleased to find out that our conversations would normally range from university topics to a lot of different areas of my life, such as self-confidence, stress, accommodation and how to become a more positive and better person. I could see that my mentor was not just doing her job, but that she really wanted to be my friend and help me'.
- Student, Bachelor of Commerce with Bachelor of Psychology

'Another great reward for me personally of being involved with the First STEP program has to be the future opportunities it has provided me - like being part of the Deloitte FastTrack Challenge and the student exchange program over in Denmark. These amazing experiences were enhanced because of the self-development I had gained as a result of being a peer mentor and a student intern.'
- Student, Bachelor of Applied Finance and Professional Accounting

'I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience being a First Step Mentor. I have been able to assist and motivate some of my mentees whilst gaining so much personally. As a staff mentor you have the opportunity to develop personal relationships with students without the responsibility of assessing them. As the students are all new to university, you try as a First Step mentor, to make the transition a little less stressful for them and I found this very rewarding'.
- Academic Mentor, Accounting and Corporate Governance