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Lucy Mentoring for Mentors

Our innovative leadership program develops the women leaders of tomorrow. Its success is built on our inspiring mentors. Guide promising women students with your skills, experience and knowledge.

Why you should consider being a mentor

  • Instigate change in the workforce. 
  • Give new meaning to your career and contribute to increase the number of women in middle and senior management. 
  • Think outside the box! Challenge yourself by keeping on top of the latest trends, issues and new technologies. 
  • Develop fresh ideas and new perspectives through your mentee. 
  • Gain positive visibility and demonstrate that you work successfully with the next generation. 
  • Network with other mentors and develop a strong professional relationship with your mentee. 
  • Share your passion and excitement about your job and industry.

Who can be a mentor

Women and men from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors can become mentors. Your commitment to spending time with your mentee, sharing your personal and professional experience and developing the next generation of leaders, is our main criteria.

Role of Mentor

Immerse students in your work environment and allow them to observe and discuss business issues with you Encourage them to think about the range of work options available Share your passion, knowledge, experience and skills to prepare the leaders of tomorrow Support them to meet the challenges experienced by women in the workplace.

The mentoring program

Over a period of 4 months, you will work with a student on a range of work-based activities.

Lucy mentoring program schedule

Joanna Davison, CEO

"Mentors often learn as much from their mentees as the mentees learn from them. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Megan. She inspired me with her positive attitude, intelligence and determination. I now have a higher level of confidence that the next generation of leaders will include many more successful women."

Joanna Davison, CEO
Fund Executives Association Ltd.

To register your interest in the Lucy Mentoring Program, please contact Christine Chung on 9850 4755 or by May 2nd. We are hoping to recruit 50 mentors in 2016.

Please make a note of the following dates for the 2016 Lucy Mentoring Program:- We hope you will be able to make the dates

Monday May 23rd (CBD - approximate start time of 6pm) - Launch Event (networking event where mentors and mentees meet for the first time

Thursday August 18th (approximate start time of 7:30am) - Breakfast Event (networking event for mentors only; to discuss and share mentoring challenges and experiences). (This event is optional).

Monday October 10th (CBD - approximate start time of 6pm) - Final Event (networking event for mentors and mentees)


Christine Chung

Christine Chung
Lucy Mentoring program coordinator
Faculty of Business & Economics
Phone: (02) 9850 4755