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Congratualtions to our CPA graduates

Congratualtions to our CPA graduates

The results are out for the CPA exams in Session 2, 2013. Congratulations to our students, with an excellent results across the cohort.

Congratulations to all our Session 2, 2013 CPA (accounting) graduates!

Once again, Macquarie University students have achieved fantastic results in their CPA Australia Professional Exams.

  • 91% of pass rate for Macquarie University
  • 36% of Macquarie University students received a Distinction or High Distinction.

This is a great result, and well above the CPA averages of 64% pass rate, and 14% Distinction or High Distinction.

Wishing all our graduates the best in their future careers, and any future postgraduate studies.

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91% MQ students passed, overall CPA exam average pass rate 64%. 36% MQ students got a distinction or high distinction.