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Executive in Residence

First of its kind at Macquarie, the Executive in Residence program is an initiative of Professor Lucy Taksa, Head of Department of Marketing and Management, to strengthen ties between industry and the Faculty. The program will give students and staff access to the experience and 'real world' expertise of leading senior managers and executives.

The program comprises of four elements - Career Development Seminars, Student Mentoring, Internship Program Development and Joint Research Project.

Macquarie alumnis, entrepreneur and CEO of TPMG Financial, Greg Smith has brought his 25 years experience in the Australian finance industry to the inaugural Executive in Residence program. Greg's insight into the finance industry and his career advice have been a rewarding experience for both students and the Faculty.

Career Development Seminars

Career development took the form of eight weekly 1 hour seminars, called Career Insights Series where Greg shared his views and strategies for career success with penultimate and final year students.

"The Series offered students an unique insight into the employment landscape from an industry leader. It is a competitive employment landscape and students need to be really clear on the value proposition they are offering prospective employers and have the confidence to sell themselves." says Suzy Hughes, Manager, Career Education.

Supported by the Career Service, the program was a great success with over 360 students attending the seminar and "going away energised and excited and armed with practical strategies on launching and creating their future careers" describes Suzy.

Student feedback for the program has been extremely positive with many describing the Series as 

"Exceeded my expectations significantly! Impressive content, engaging, useful and fun. I left feeling motivated and excited."; "Greg skillfully changed my perspective and expectations of the corporate environment and the opportunities available to graduates."; "I found these seminars really helpful and practical" and; "Have a clearer mind on what to do to achieve my goal".

(The Career Development Seminars will also be held in Semester 2. Visit the Career Service Facebook page for upcoming seminar information).

Student Mentoring

Students who attended the Career Insights Series were also given the opportunity to discuss topics covered in the seminars in an one-on-one consultation with Greg. The free form mentoring service aimed to provide real world career management advise.

In the 30 one-on-one sessions, Greg offered career guidance, interview technique and CV tips, and advise on effective job search. Many students described the mentoring sessions as once in a uni career opportunity.

Internship Program Development

Greg's strategic recommendations for the Faculty Internship Program have helped the Faculty establish new pathways to connect with a wider group of potential employers for our students.

Two students have also successfully gained internship positions with TPMG Financial for a six months. During this time they will learn all aspects of the the business from marketing planning, financial analysis, strategic sales, customer service, strategic marketing, web marketing and more. The students are working on real project with real budgets and ROI responsibilities.

Joint Research Project

As part of the Executive in Residence program a joint research project is being conducted by Professor Paul Gollan and TPMG Financial. It will develop a regular monthly index model to monitor the 'Financial Happiness and Wellness of Australians'.

The Financial Happiness and Wellness Index will stand apart from others as it will take into consideration many more demographic and psychographic factors that shape the monthly financial wellness of Australians than current indexes. It will principally focus on cash flow, budgets, management of bills and debt repayments, savings and ultimate disposable income.

About Greg Smith

Greg Smith has worked in the Australian finance industry for over 25 years holding senior management positions in blue chip companies such as ASX, ANZ and CBA. He also has many years experience as a financial planner and mortgage broker. He is currently CEO of TPMG Financial, an integrated financial services solutions enterprise that offers cash flow software tools to domestic and international financial institutions for the optimisation of client for life sales and marketing programs.

Greg holds a Bachelor of Economics from Macquarie University and is a Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australia. He has authored 17 books on personal finance, held multiple media positions across print, radio and TV and was recognized by United Nations in their annual Media Prize for his contribution to assisting Australian working families improve their knowledge and confidence with their money. He is also a past winner of the prestigious Young Direct Marketer of the Year award.