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Global Leadership Program

As young professionals, Macquarie graduates will increasingly be working in international contexts. Against the background of globalisation – the transfer of ideas, cultures, products, media and people across national borders – you will need to understand, adapt to and practice concepts that professionals ten years ago could not have imagined.

With Macquarie’s GLP you don’t just learn global skills and understanding—you put them into practice by studying, interning, volunteering and participating in conferences.

Colloqium Series

  • Tackle issues ranging from cross cultural understanding to counter terrorism in the GLP Colloquium Series. Participating in ‘colloquia’ (meaning workshops, seminars, round tables or discussions) will introduce you to a range of international issues and provide you with a set of generic skills you can use in your professional life.

GLP Distinguished Speaker Series

  • Come together with all GLP students to be informed and inspired. At the GLP’s biannual cocktail, keynote speaker event you will hear from leaders across a diversity of fields.

Experiential Credit

  • The GLP awards credit to academic and cultural experiences with an international component. Points are earned for ‘extra-curricular’ leadership and cultural activities. Examples include going on a student exchange, undertaking an internship, or participating in an international event.
  • By engaging in a range of internationally-focused activities, get real experience at applying the concepts of cross-cultural understanding, all while enhancing your resume.

What will I get?

Students who successfully complete the GLP will receive a certificate, letters of reference and notation on their academic transcript.

How do I get involved?

To learn more about the program or to enrol, please go to: and fill out the online application.

Find out more about Macquarie University’s Global Leadership Program: