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BUS304 International Business Tour

Travel to China

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Do you know the impact global markets have to economies at home and around the world? China is one of the rising stars, it is a growing economy with significant influences in the business sphere. Understanding the importance of the Chinese market and its global influences are key to the future of Australian business.

You can study BUS304 International Business Tour as an elective unit. It focuses on doing business in China and provides students with exciting opportunities to travel to China and learn how the country manages to achieve a high growth rate while the rest of the world is experiencing economic downturn.

How is the unit structured?

The unit consists of two parts: seminars on campus in the first half of Session 2 and a two week study trip to China during the mid-session break in Session 2 2015.

Seminar topics include:

  1. Business environment in China
  2. Consumer markets in China
  3. Demographic changes and labour market in China
  4. Foreign Direct Investment in China
  5. Marketing in China
  6. Australian exports in China
  7. Australian business operations in China

Tell me more about the field trip!

On your field trip, you will be accompanied by Macquarie University staff and assisted by local hosts. Students will visit Beijing and Shanghai to observe a range of businesses and organisations operating in China including Australian and multinational corporations, Chinese state-owned enterprises and newly emerged local businesses.

You will have the chance to visit companies like Austrade China, Lenovo, Mary Kay, Baidu, Westpac China, Huawei, Kingwood and Malleson, Qantas China, Cisco, Cochlear China, WeberShandwick, Australian Chamber of Commerce, Suzhou Science and Technology Park, Fudan University (just to name a few).

The tour will also include sightseeing visits to local tourist attractions on the weekends, giving you time to explore the historical and cultural sites surrounding Beijing and Shanghai.

How will you be assessed?

Assessments for this unit consist of:

  1. 1,500-word individual essay based on recommended readings and seminars prior to the field trip (20%)
  2. 6,000-word group report and presentation based on experience of the field trip to China (40%)
  3. Active participation in all field trip activities (30%)
  4. Active participation in lectures (10%)

What do you need to know about enrolments and fees?

To secure a place, you will need to enrol and register by 5pm, 24th July 2015. Registration forms can be requested from Dr. Yimin (Stephanie) Huang ( Places are strictly limited.

Standard tuition fees apply to the unit. Additional travel fees will cover students' return international airfare and domestic air travel between cities within China, accommodation with breakfast at 3-star hotels or above, local transportation within cities, company visits, and entry fees to all tourist sites.

Students who meet the general criteria of a GPA of at least 2.5 and who credit this unit toward their degree are eligible for a travel grant.

Hear from the students who have done this

Livia international Business Tour 

Livia Dorai Raj

The trip was one of the best experiences I've had at university and it is definitely worth doing! Studying the unit was an opportunity to gain real world experiences and add value to my degree in learning about China's business environment and culture.

At university, you learn how important China is in the global economy and you are surrounded by international students who are from various regions of China. I wanted to be able to connect with other students and also use the knowledge and experience I gained, in future interviews and networking events.

Whilst in China, we got to experience guanxi (relationships that facilitate business dealings) first hand. We were able to network with some of the businessmen whose companies we visited and attended networking events for Australians living in China. It was great to see that the Aussies who had moved to China for business were still able to catch up and watch the rugby together every month.

We learnt more about communism in China from the company visits and the impact the government has on business operations. I felt this was one area which I learnt a considerable amount and changed my view on communism. Through this study tour I was able to understand Chinese culture and the business environment which I could potentially be working in the future.

BUS304 was an amazing opportunity. It's an invaluable experience and if you want to stand out from the crowd, it's essential that you take opportunities like this and put yourself out there.

	BUS340 China Tour Testimonial Lloyd 390x435 

Lloyd Jones

The unit was incredible! I went into BUS304 with an open mind and was eager to learn more about China in general – whether it's oriented as cultural, political or business. The unit developed ideas on how the business environment in China is unique to the world.

Dr Stephanie Huang does a fabulous job of teaching the course to students. Her knowledge and enthusiasm for the content really shows. Supporting staff of the trip, Dr David Rooney was a great addition to the team. He was there to support students with the learning and understanding of presented content.

Looking back, I found that each business was unique in how they conducted their operations. The most in-depth insight into Chinese business was achieved by visiting Mr Chen's Scooter factory. His hospitality and friendliness showed how relationships are a major part of Chinese business. He is a quintessential factory owner making the cheap products that Western societies consume every day.

I absolutely recommend this unit to students who would like to develop a more global understanding of business. This unit is very relevant to all bachelor programs. Learning in this unit did indeed take place beyond the classroom.

Hear from students who attended the China Business Tour in 2014.

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