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Way to Work 2014

Adecco Australia invites you to come along on April 30th 2014 for an interactive day of career coaching, general interview/resume preparation and job hunting advice, provided to you by experienced HR and recruitment professionals, currently consulting to Microsoft Australia.

We will focus on several core areas to help prepare you for your first corporate role.

Business, HR and Marketing students are most relevant, but anyone can come along on the day.

At the event, we will also encourage/support you in registering for an Adecco competition which may lead you to working in a paid, one month internship with an amazing, global organisation like Microsoft, Google or Cisco and even being flown (all flights/expenses paid) to Zurich, Switzerland to work as Adecco's global CEO!

Note: Please feel free to bring a hard copy of your resume or your own device with a soft copy and access to your LinkedIn profile.

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  • When: April 30th 2014: 11am - 1pm (stop by any time for a one - on - one consultation)
  • Where: Macquarie Campus C10A, Level 3

Please register on CareerHub for this event:

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