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Will You Be Leaving $1 to $1.5 Million Dollars On The Table?

High Value Woman

Register Now Economist Linda Babcock of Carnegie Mellon University & author of 'Women Don't Ask' has stated that 'Women often leave between $1 million to $1.5 million dollars on the table when they don't ask for the money they want to earn.'

  • In Australia, an average 25-year-old male will earn $2.4 million dollars over the next 40 years, compared to $1.5 million dollars that an average female will earn.
  • Women are two and half times more likely to live in poverty in their old age than men.
  • By 2019, the average woman will have half the amount of superannuation than men will have.

As you begin thinking about your start in your career, how can you make sure you're not one of the above? Simple.

Come along to this one-hour session where Sabiha Vorajee will share with you the 3 main principles that will help you begin cultivating the courage and confidence to ASK for the money (& anything else!) you want throughout your career.

She will share with you:

  • How to set yourself up for success from Day One (this will change the trajectory of your career if you do this)
  • The one strategy very few people use and which can make all the difference in the world (to you, your manager and the organisation as a whole)
  • The ultimate strategy for creating success in your career, professionally and financially (so you're always in control)

When: Week 6 Monday 8th September 2014, 1.00pm to 2.00pm (Extra time for Q&A if needed)
Where: E7B T4 Theatre

About Sabiha Vorajee
As Founder & CEO of High Value Woman and having had a successful international HR career of almost 20 years, Sabiha has worked with many employees, leaders and organisations to help create strategies that increase performance, recognise effort and most importantly reward results. Sabiha helps courageous, passionate and ambitious women leverage their skills and talents, gain greater individual success, generate outstanding results for their organisations and of course, earn the rewards they want and deserve.
For more information, please contact Sabiha on 0406 076523 or at

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