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Taylor Anderton - Deutsche Bank Scholarship Winner 2013

Congratulations to Taylor Anderton, the 2013 winner of the Deutsche Bank Scholarship in Actuarial Studies! Taylor Anderton is the first female recipient of this Deutsche Bank scholarship.

This scholarship provides the recipient with financial assistance of $10,000 per annum, for three years whilst studying Actuarial Studies. Ms Anderton feels "very lucky and stoked; very thankful to Deutsche Bank for providing this scholarship." She mentions that the scholarship will take the pressure off having to look for part-time work whilst studying, and can concentrate on her studies. Having grown up in Lismore, where her single-parent mother still resides, Ms Anderton had to make the move to Sydney and move in to the on-campus accommodation to pursue her interest in Actuarial Studies.

Applicants for the Deutsche Bank Scholarship in Actuarial Studies are judged on their academic merit (with a minimum ATAR of 98.5) and their extra-curricular activities, leadership qualities and interest in a career in the banking industry.

As part of the scholarship, Ms Anderton will benefit from an annual four-week placement within the Global Markets or Global Banking division of Deutsche Bank Australia. Ms Anderton comments that she thinks it will be "hard work, but I am really looking forward to it. It is very rare to get an internship as a first-year student, especially as an Actuarial Studies student." Ms Anderton is enthusiastic about "finding out more about investment banking" and working alongside the Deutsche Bank employees.

Ms Anderton is currently in her first year of a Bachelor of Actuarial Studies with a Bachelor of Applied Finance double degree at Macquarie University. She chose Macquarie University because of the ability to study Actuarial Studies and Applied Finance as a double degree, and Macquarie University's reputation as a leading provider for Actuarial Studies. When looking into where to study, Ms Anderton heard really good things about Macquarie University and that it was the best for Actuarial Studies."

Prior to studying at Macquarie University, Ms Anderton had not studied economics or financial subjects. Nearing the end of Semester 1, Ms Anderton states that her favourite units have been Economics and Introduction to Actuarial Studies.

In addition to her studies, Ms Anderton is also involved in assisting with administration for the University Macro Trading Challenge at Macquarie University.

As for her future, Ms Anderton is eager to explore the options provided in her double degree program, and excited to see what's out there as there are so many options for actuaries these days.

We congratulate Taylor Anderton on her receiving of the scholarship, and thank Deutsche Bank for providing this opportunity to first-year students.

To read more about the Deutsche Bank Scholarship for Actuarial Studies and other scholarships and prizes open to undergraduate students in the Faculty of Business and Economics, please view the Undergraduate Prizes and Scholarship.


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