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Current Accounting and Corporate Governance

Quicklinks for Accounting Students

Undergraduate Students


Students can receive program advice from BESS by booking an appointment with a Student Adviser. Students must make an appointment as there is no walk-in advising available at this time. 

Special Approval

Visit the special approvals page for more information.

Waiver of Unit Pre-requisites

Waivers of unit pre-requisites in the Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance will only be granted if the student meets the prerequisite as set out in the Undergraduate Studies Handbook for the current year (or the previous 6 months if the prerequisites have changed).

If however a pre-requisite or co-requisite is severely affecting a student's progression in their studies then the student may submit an application for special approval to waive the pre-requisite or co-requisite. It is strongly recommended that students in this situation seek academic advice from the Department before submitting their application.

Third Time Permission for Enrolment in a Unit

Students studying degree programs in the Faculty of Business and Economics are reminded about the Third Time Enrolment Rule.

Students who have obtained a grade three times previously in a unit will not be given permission to enrol in that unit for a fourth (or subsequent) time.

Students granted permission to enrol in a unit for a third time are required to participate in the Departmental Monitoring Program for At Risk Students.

Any other special cases will be considered by the Department, providing the student can demonstrate their ability to complete the unit successfully.

Executive Dean of Faculty Permission

If you require permission from the Executive Dean of the Faculty to enrol in a unit, please submit your Special Approval application to the Department that offers your program of study.

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Study Abroad - Application to Determine Equivalence

Macquarie students that study abroad at an overseas institution may apply to the Department to have their study assessed for credit at Macquarie. Students must fill in the study abroad form and send it via email to the Department along with full unit outlines (prior semester is acceptable) for each accounting or finance unit they wish to enrol in.

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Permission to enrol in more than 14 credit points in one semester

The Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance will only allow students to enrol in units which total more than 14 credit points in any one semester if they have a GPA greater than or equal to 3.0 when enrolling in that semester. Students that meet this requirement should submit a "More than 14 credit points" form with their unofficial transcript to BESS at E4B 106. 

Students that wish to discuss their program of study with an academic adviser may do so by making an appointment with a Student Adviser at BESS. 

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