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Student Groups


There are many business-related student groups and international associations active on campus. The Faculty encourages and supports them in engaging students as active participants in campus life.

180 Degrees delivers quality services for non-profits and socially minded for-profit companies. Some volunteer students are able to complete a short internship overseas.

AIESEC consists of 50,000 student volunteers from 85 countries. It connects young people, business people and organisations through a global internship program.

ASSOC (the Actuarial Students Society) serves the needs of students majoring in Actuarial Studies by offering career, academic and social services to its members.

ASA (Accounting Students Association) provides its members with industry skills and opportunities that to assist students to gain a leading edge when they enter the workforce.

ASES (Asia-Pacific Student Entrepreneurship Society) enables students to network with other like-minded students, know-how of start-ups and fun preparation for the workforce.

CBA (Chinese Business Association) enable students the opportunity to learn through extra-curricular activities, combining theory with practice and encourages cultural exchange.

ECFS (the Economics, Commerce and Finance Society) directly caters for the social, vocational and educational interests of Commerce and Business students.

ENACTUS allows diverse students to work in teams to conceptualise, plan, implement and track entrepreneurial projects to benefit the local and international communities.

HR CLUB assists HR students to connect and create relations with HR industry professionals, creating employment opportunities for both parties through social networking events.

IMBG (Investment Management and Banking) provides career information and greater understanding to students who are interested in the investment banking sector.

MGSM Connections is devised of a group of volunteer students, who aim to enhance the campus experience for local and international post-graduate students.

MQMC (Macquarie Management Consulting) aims to bridge the gap between students formal education and management consulting as a profession.

MUMS (Macquarie University Marketing Society) provides students with opportunities to attend marketing events, apply theoretical knowledge, and gain valued industry skills.

SMTS (Students' Macro Trading Society) introduces students to macro trading, an understanding of economy, the CFA program, and the Bloomberg test and exam.

UNIT (University network for Investing and Trading) educates it members about investing and share trading via educational seminars, ranging from the economy to technical trading.

U@MQ is the recreation and services hub of the University. It offers a wide range of services catering to the interests and needs of all students.