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Optimising Personal Productivity & Organisational Alignment

Author: Derek Renouf

The purpose of this study is to apply the science and technology of a repository-based modelling environment to the domain of Business Management and driving organizational productivity. This is of particular relevance for driving productivity and alignment to corporate strategy and policies in organizations where process, compliance and projects are important, this includes Banking, Airlines, Government and Utilities.

There are many standards for modelling enterprise architectures, hardware and software components available. A Holocentric approach is one that focuses on targeting the problem space of a business. This captures both ad hoc and specialised requirements. Rather than focusing on process automation, it seeks to aggregate relevant knowledge within the organisation to provide a business- oriented integrated Solution Framework.

Customers have achieved success in change programs that have taken an approach that used repository-based modelling approach to creating a Business Management System. Holocentric customers that are benefiting from this approach include BTFG within Westpac, Western Power, Qantas Engineering, Iceland Air and many Government organisations.

This approach offers organisations an ability to clarify requirements and the way people work. This ultimately empowers people in the business to own the processes they perform and be more responsible for their outcomes, and allows people to be knowledgeable on relevant operating procedures.