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MQC Transition - Postgraduate

[Download Thursday 3rd September's Information Session PDF]

Student Connect team is your one stop shop for any further questions you may have. You can either speak with them in person at MUSE, the university's innovative student study space or contact them by phone (02 9850 6410) and online via

Complete your Masters program at our new location, which is shared with the Macquarie Applied Finance Centre (MAFC) in the city - Level 3, 10 Spring St, CBD. This location is a convenient, centrally located purpose designed facility for Executive and Postgraduate students. The Red Room is your one stop study and printing space with access to Student Officers - opening hours are Mondays to Fridays: 9am-5pm only. (Note: There will be no access to the Red Room after 5pm and the room may be closed for events)

Program Advisers

Our Faculty of Business and Economics is here to support you through your degree completion. The Faculty's program advisers will assist you with your studies, including providing tailored program advice. You can book an appointment or visit for an online consultation.


You will have full access to the Library resources. Materials for your units will be available online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to re-enrol for Semester 1 2016 units?

You will receive your re-enrolment notification on 7 January 2016 which will be sent to your MQ account. Important information is also available in the link below.

Re-enrolment process for City Location

Will my units be delivered at the City location?

There are prescribed units delivered at the City location. If you would like to take other units, you can request to take them at the North Ryde campus. 600 level units are offered online or at the North Ryde campus only.

Where will examinations be held?

All examinations will take place at the North Ryde campus to ensure the best examination environment for students. Draft examination schedules will be available in week 5 and final schedules are published approximately in week 9.

Will I receive a new Campus Card?

For convenience, City students will be able to apply for a campus card without leaving the city. Please ensure that you bring suitable ID and that you are enrolled into at least one unit before applying for a campus card.

Please download the form or visit the City location to complete your form, and submit it to the Red Room front counter. Processing time will take on average 48 hours from submission of the form to being ready to pick up from the City location.

If you require a campus card urgently you are encouraged to visit Level 2 C7A Building at our North Ryde campus to obtain a campus card immediately.

How do I pay my fees?

For information please refer to the Unifees web page at
Course fees will not be accepted or processed at the City location.

How do I request a refund of tuition fees from Macquarie City Campus?

To request a refund of tuition fees from your student account at Macquarie City Campus, please complete the online refund form:

Can I transfer to North Ryde campus to continue my studies?

City students are able to request a transfer to North Ryde (but not vice versa). This can be done by submitting a request via  Please note once a student has transferred to North Ryde; they cannot request a transfer back to the City Location.

Will I be able to complete in the same time?

Yes you will be able to finish the same time as long as you follow the prescribed program.

You should submit this form at the beginning of your final year of study. Submitting this form does not guarantee that you will meet award requirements.
It only ensures your record will be checked to see if you qualify to graduate after the results are released for the session you have nominated.

Where will I graduate?

Your graduation ceremony will be held at the North Ryde Campus

Can we do more than 16 CP per semester?

PG students with a GPA of 2.7 or greater will be given permission- Download the form.
If students have a GPA of 1.5 and below; we would recommend to reduce to 3 units.

Will this change cost more fees?

The cost of completing units is the same at both campuses

Will the centre offer the same units?

Most units will be offered at the new City location. Many units will also be offered at North Ryde and/or online. You can study subjects across different study modes within the same session if you wish. For example, you can study two units at the City location and one unit online.

Can I choose other units?

Each program has required units which you must complete but if you wish to take alternate elective units that fit into your program; you can choose other units. Remember to check program requirement and an adviser will be able to assist you.

Can I change my program?

There are  more options at North Ryde and an adviser will be happy to discuss the requirements of changing programs and information on the program.

I have work commitments in the city?

Limited units will still be offered at the MAFC centre and the Faculty also offers some units externally (online mode) which you can enrol in. Additionally, there are evening classes offered at North Ryde.

I am an international student, can I study online?

You will need to meet your visa requirement that 75% of your program is in internal mode.
Our team will be able to check this for you.

I like small lectures. Are the lectures very large at the teaching centre?

Units are normally run Seminar style therefore classes do not exceed 50 per class.

Can we meet with FBE Student Officers for further consultations in the CBD?

The FBE Transition team will be in the city weekly. Download the schedule and make an appointment via the student services at MQC.