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MQC Transition - Undergraduate

Download the special orientation session held for incoming Undergraduate MQC students - MQC Transition UG Special Orientation 10 March 2016.pdf

[Download Tuesday 1st September's Information Session PDF]

Here is some additional information on the benefits of completing your degree at our North Ryde Campus. Student Connect team is your one stop shop for any further information you may have for our North Ryde campus. You can either speak with them in person at MUSE, the university's innovative student study space or contact them by phone (02 9850 6410) and online via

Program Advisers

Our Faculty of Business and Economics is here to support you through your degree completion. The Faculty's program advisers will assist you with your studies, including providing tailored program advice. You can book an appointment or visit for an online consultation.


There are also a variety of resources available through our Faculty's webpage: This will provide you with further information regarding our state-of-the-art Library, IT systems, and study resource guides just to name a few.

Enhanced Learning Experience

The Faculty's North Ryde campus has many flexible study options tailored to suit your needs. These include:

  • the option to complete your degree on a part time basis;
  • choice of attending classes in the evenings;
  • choice of selected online elective units;
  • access to a range of online lectures through iLecture.

Our North Ryde Campus also provides many opportunities for you to interact with other students in your degree. You can participate in Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) workshops and join various popular student groups. You can find additional information about the PAL workshops here: and also see a list of over 170 student groups here:

Our degrees at North Ryde also provide students with the opportunity to study PACE (Professional and Community Engagement) units. These units provide an innovative opportunity for you to engage with the wider business community and expand on your skills. You can find additional information about the PACE program at the following link:

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to do to re-enrol for Semester 1 2016 units?

You will receive your re-enrolment notification on 11 December 2015 which will be sent to your MQ student email address. Important information is also available in the link below.

Re-enrolment process for North Ryde

What if I failed a unit and have to repeat it? Will I be charged late enrolment fees to re-enrol in a unit?

As results will be released on 4th March 2016, if you need to change your enrolment due to failing a unit, you will not be charged late enrolment fees.

How do I pay my fees?

For information please refer to the Unifees web page at

How do I request a refund of tuition fees from Macquarie City Campus?

To request a refund of tuition fees from your student account at Macquarie City Campus, please complete the online refund form:

When do I attend Orientation?

You will be invited to attend MQ's O-week starting 22 February 2016. However, there will be an additonal orientation for transitioning students on 10 March to meet the various student support teams.

Will I be able to complete in the same time?

Due to the different sessions in MQC and North Ryde, this will depend on how many units you have left to complete. Most units are offered every session and we are developing individual study plans to manage progression for student.

You should submit this form at the beginning of your final year of study. Submitting this form does not guarantee that you will meet award requirements.
It only ensures your record will be checked to see if you qualify to graduate after the results are released for the session you have nominated.

Can we do more than 14 CP per semester?

Students with a GPA of 3 or greater will be given permission- Download the form.
If students have a GPA of 1.5 and below; we would recommend to reduce to 3 units.

Will this change cost more fees?

The cost of completing units is the same at both campuses

Will North Ryde offer the same units?

North Ryde does offer the same units and in fact students will have a greater choice of electives in their program as well as possibility of completing internship units if you meet the requirement.

Where can I get information about units?

For help with choosing electives please see the 2016 Handbook 

Can I choose other units?

Each program has required units which you must complete but if you wish to take alternate elective units that fit into your program; you can choose other units. Remember to check program requirement and an adviser will be able to assist you.

Can I change my major?

All the programs do not have majors therefore you cannot change major.

Can I change my degree/ program?

There are  more degree options at North Ryde and an adviser will be happy to discuss the requirements of changing programs and information on the program, for example a student who is in Bachelor of Business Administration now may want to change to a Bachelor of Commerce, major in Marketing –  this is possible.

Can I do 4 units in Session 3 at North Ryde?
Due to the intensive study mode, you can only complete 2 units in Session 3 at North Ryde

I have work commitments in the city. Why should I relocate to North Ryde?

There are evening classes in many units and you may consider part time study with full time work.  If you are an International student; you are required to study full time.

I like small lectures. Are all North Ryde lectures very large?
Depending on the unit; the lecture may be bigger but many units also have I-lecture and it is a great opportunity to meet other students and form networks.

Will I get the same attention in tutorials?
Tutorials are 25 to 30 students maximum and require student participation and involvement.

What if I require a visa extension?

Students who require a visa extension can apply by completing an eCoE (electronic Confirmation of Enrolment) application online via

Can we meet with FBE Student Officers for further consultations in the CBD?

The FBE Transition team will be in the city weekly. Download the schedule  and make an appointment via the student services at MQC.