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Lijun Qin

  • Title: Mr
  • Position: PhD Student - Department of Marketing and Management

Student information

  • Principal supervisor: Dr Erik Lundmark
  • Date of submission: 01/01/2000
  • Thesis title: Entrepreneurial Learning and Critical Reflective Practice: Do Entrepreneurs Learn Through Reflection?
  • Abstract: Research on entrepreneurship learning has been developed very fast since the end of last century. This contributes to our understanding that the Entrepreneurial learning is a unique activity. It is commonly agreed that entrepreneurs learn from doing by accumulating their experience in exploring the business opportunities. However, how exactly entrepreneurs learn to gain the experience is still under researching and  debating. This research is to address this gap by conducting a phenomenological interview with 10 serial or portfolio entrepreneurs, in order to test and find if Critical Reflective Practice (CRP) is a critical tool enhancing the entrepreneurial learning.