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Mahak Sambyal

  • Position: PhD Student - Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance

Student information

  • Principal supervisor: Assoc William Bryant
  • Associate supervisor: Assoc Prof Roselyne Joyeux
  • Date of submission: 01/01/2000
  • Thesis title: Exploring the distributional aspects of happiness across eight European Countries
  • Abstract: The Economics of Happiness assesses well-being using self-reported happiness surveys. Over the past two decades, the growing literature in this field has mainly focused on the determinants of happiness – with relatively few studies examining the distributional aspects of happiness. Further, the ordinal characteristic of happiness data has rendered problematic the conclusions of many the studies that have looked at happiness inequality studies. Using advanced techniques specifically developed for the analysis of ordinal data, Dutta and Foster (2013) examine the distribution of happiness in the US, 1972-2010. My research applies the Dutta–Foster methodology to study the distribution of happiness in eight European countries for the period 1975 to 2013.