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Sumi Jang

  • Title: Ms
  • Position: PhD Student - Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance

Student information

  • Principal supervisor: Dr Alan Kilgore
  • Associate supervisor: Dr Ranjith Bala Appuhamilage
  • Date of submission: 01/01/2000
  • Thesis title: The Relation between Voluntary CSR Disclosure and Market Liquidity: Australian Evidence
  • Abstract: This study examines the relation between voluntary corporate social responsibility (CSR) disclosure and market liquidity. Based on legitimacy and signaling theory it is hypothesised that firms with lower market liquidity are likely to engage in voluntary CSR disclosure behaviour and that firms with superior CSR disclosure behaviour will enjoy a subsequent increase in market liquidity at the year-end. The results of the study are likely to shed light on the importance of voluntary CSR disclosure compared to mandatory CSR disclosure such as corporate governance mechanisms. The relation between CSR disclosure and market liquidity will be examined using regression analysis. Keywords: corporate social responsibility; market liquidity; voluntary disclosure.